Author: T. Marie Benchley
ISBN: 978-0-9844787-0-5

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A very good story line.  The characters are real and you would definitely like to meet some of them but, not all.
In the prologue of this book there is a psycopath on the loose.  The prey of this psycho are usually people who have hurt others very badly and probably deserve what they are going to get.
The heroine of this story is Molly O'Malley Madison, wife of a prominent lawyer and mother of an adult, married daughter.  She is a member of the Country Club set in Tampa, Florida and seems very happy with her life.  Sadly, her perfect life is broken by the death of her parents in a tragic auto accident while on their way to visit her.  After this, she is advised by her husband's lover, that her marriage is a sham and her husband is having an affair with a man.  Molly leaves her husband and her cushy life in Florida and heads for Montana deciding to take over the family ranch and move on with her shattered life.  Molly is attracted to the ranch foreman, Clayton Leatherbe, as soon as she sees him.  Before, they are
able to get better acquainted however, a land developer, who is interested in buying the ranch, begins to plan some very dirty tricks to convince Molly to sell.  Clayton, in the meantime, finds out about a powerful secret that Molly's father has kept from his family that could ruin Molly's plans for her property and perhaps, end her own life.  In the meantime, every few chapters, we are re-introduced to the psycho.

I was fascinated by the plot of this book.  It was very well thought out.  This story is a fine mystery that keeps you guessing until the last page.  It is full of family intrigue, romance, deception and murder.
This is the author's debut novel and is certainly a page-turner.  Especially, the chapters about the psychopath.  The way this person was written into the story and actually, came running into the last pages. This is very good work.  Unfortunately, the publishing houses of today are cutting back, I suppose because of the economy, and they are cutting back on good editors.  When an author finishes a book and, after reading it over dozens of times they can't always see editorial mistakes.  A good author, such as Ms. Benchley, needs a good editor to edit her books.  Sadly, editors are falling by the wayside to save money and this is not a good thing. 
As you probably noticed, the author's last name is synonymous with a famous literary family.  She writes about sharks too but hers are human sharks that we should be more afraid of than the ones who live in the ocean.  Ms. Benchley reminds me a bit of the early Jackie Collins books.

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