Author: Dr. Carl M. Powe, Jr.

ISBN:  978-1-4327-4565-3

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Dr. Carl M. Powe, Jr. has published a book for job seekers, which looks at job hunting in a different point of view.  As the book titles states, Career Planning and Development – in Reverse, takes you on a step by step method of looking for a fulfilling job from the end result – in reverse.

Many of us are looking for a job that not only has us surviving but gives us the opportunity to enjoy our financial security, this book teaches readers how to plan for retirement while getting the job that suits your personality and your skills in such a way that is fulfilling and profitable for the future.


You would think it is obvious but the author takes a new approach at job hunting.  I would say he takes the “hunt” out of job and makes the ordeal pleasurable. 


This book gives the reader a sense of accomplishment and leaves the reader not so overwhelmed with looking for employment.  It looks at the job search process from a different perspective, instead of the same state of mind as most books.  Let’s face it, looking for a job is no easy or comforting task, but to have resources at your disposal that will aid in this effort is rewarding.


I recommend this book to anyone seeking a job, whether you are out of work or contemplating looking for a new job or career.  Any book that comes in from a different angle is going to help.


I liked how the first chapter skims over the necessary skills for a successful life, talks about what is learned in school and discusses career development, which prepares the reader to focus on the upcoming chapters.


The two chapters that stand out, from a common book on job searching, are chapters 2 – Developing the Dynamic Vision and chapter 5 – The Job Search Process.  In chapter 2, Dr. Carl M. Powe, Jr. uses personal characteristics to help determine what successful job you should strive to attain.  In chapter 5, although it may seem like an ordinary search process, the author uses your retirement strategy as a means of helping you with the job search.


Career Planning and Development – In Reverse, is a refreshing book on planning your future employment.  If there is any type of book you are going to purchase this year, in hopes of helping you out of the recession, is this handy book.


Click Here To Purchase Career Planning and Development--In Reverse