Author:  Aura Imbarus

Publisher: Bettie Youngs Books Publishing Company

ISBN: 089-0-98430-812-5

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Out of the Transylvania Night is a deeply moving account of one woman’s search for her own identity, firstly under the Communist dictatorship of the ruthlessly oppressive Ceauşescu, and, later, as she struggles to maintain her integrity in the face of overwhelming materialism. The memoir opens in the dying days of the Ceauşescu regime, as the local Romanian citizenry decide to fight back after decades of misrule. As Dumitru Ciocoi-Pop writes in his Foreword to this heartrending memoir: “In Aura Imbarus’s literary confession the genuine represents the perspective forming experience of the entire story, which unfolds naturally and convincingly, offering insight not only into social and political realities unfamiliar to the average American reader, but also into the mysteries and strivings of the female heart.”


Finding that the Romania to survive the brutality of Ceauşescu’s regime is almost as distorted both socially and economically as it was before the revolution took place, Aura opts for a new life in the New World, only to find that, although within the space of seven short years she is able to acquire all the outward trappings of the American Dream, her own perceptions have become so distorted that she almost loses everything for which she was once so eager to strive. How she is able to restore her own inner sense of well-being and purpose is of key concern to the narrative of Out of the Transylvania Night. This remarkable story advances at a cracking pace, which keeps one riveted from start to finish. Her family and relationships with others are described with such fulsomeness that it comes as no surprise that she finally eschews the superficiality of outward show in favor of a determination to live herself out as a woman with a deep self-knowledge made all the more acute by the hardships that she has had to endure.


Out of the Transylvania Night is refreshingly different to the media coverage of revolutions and political unrest, which usually presents a fragmented and devastated world, with few redemptive qualities. The fluency of the writing conveys the impression that the author has English as her home language—in fact, she writes much better than many English First Language speakers do. Her sense of humor is also catchy. I loved her comment that in America, one has to apply for a TP certificate to qualify for using toilet paper! All in all, an impressive and insightful memoir that reads like a well-written novel, Out of the Transylvania Night is worthwhile reading no matter your age or background. 


The work ends with book group discussion questions, evidence of the fact that Imbarus, apart from being a former popular journalist in Europe, is also a university professor and award-winning educator. She is a co-founder and ambassador of the Romanian-American Professional Network (RAPN) and the president of its Los Angeles chapter. She is also president of EuroCircle’s Los Angeles chapter.                  

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