Author: Harry Taylor
ISBN: 978-1-4490-1643-2

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In this novel, a young man looks for vengeance against his father's killer.
Seven-year-old Tony Varenti and his twin brother are eye-witnesses to their father's death.  He was run down by a reckless driver.  It turns out that this man is an arrogant, haughty British lawyer.

At that moment Tony vows that he will avenge his father's death and very soon after the funeral, the families' Mafia elders reach the decision that, sometime in the future, they will avenge this death and Tony is chosen to carry out the job.  Through the years,
he is trained until the elders are completely satisfied that he will be able to do this.  When Tony goes to England, he meets and falls for the adopted daughter of the lawyer.  She is beautiful, bright and arrogant as her father.  She has never gotten along with her father and they ended up hating each other.  When she finds out that he has left her out of his and her mother's wills, she decides that he will definitely regret what he has done.  This lawyer brokers deals for the Mafia and hires Tony to take care of the sale of a rare jewel to a rich Arab.  Tony sets up the lawyer to fail and the Arab seeks vengeance and hires a hit man.  (Are you confused yet?  I surely was.)  Three people: Tony, his girlfriend and the Arab have one job to accomplish and decide to complete their tasks on the day of a garden party taking place on the grounds of the lawyer's estate.  Who will succeed if anyone?  How will they accomplish their goals?  Stay tuned and you might find out.
I have to say that I am a big fan of stories of the Mafia and, I couldn't wait for the book to arrive so I could sit down and enjoy a great read.  While the premise of the story is really interesting the book is very convoluted and jumps from place to place so much that it turned out to be a real chore to read.  Unfortunately, the editor of the book didn't do a great job.  The flow of the story is all mixed up and the story of the death of Tony's father is not the opening of the book, which I thought it should be, as that is what the publicity focused on.  To go on, the sentence structure and spelling mistakes are plentiful.  However, the story itself is really good and if this book was taken and tightened up a bit I'm sure that it would be a wonderful book.   

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