Author: Lily Goldman
ISBN: 978-2-981138408
Publisher: Azergo Press


Imagine looking outside of your window and having the most magnificent garden with brightly colored flowers, rich green grass and flowers
with vibrant colors! Wouldn’t you be the envy of all of your neighbors?

Sooz’s mom has a secret. She knows how to create this magical garden. A fairy comes every night and spreads magic gold dust all over her
garden. I bet everyone would like to meet this fairy, especially poor Mrs. Nosy who lives next to Sooz’s mom and whose garden looks like
dead weeds.

Mrs. Nosy had a plan to find out just who this fairy was and how she could also get some of the magic. However, no matter what she did and
how hard she tried to stay
up to see the fairy sprinkle the gold dust, Mrs. Nosy always fell asleep. Nonetheless, she was not going to give

Every day she witnessed Sooz’s grass shining brighter and this made her more determined to find out the secret. What she did not see or know
is that Sooz’s mom was sprinkling something all over the grass, enabling it to quickly grow into something beautiful. Poor Mrs. Nosy,
would she ever discover the secret? Would she likewise enjoy such a beautiful garden filled with magnificent colors and rich green grass?

Author Lily Goldman's creativity teaches us an important lesson that everyone needs to learn. How can you transform a garden that looks
sick, dark and brown into a showplace garden? The answer is really quite simple. The solution, well, quite smelly!

Composting is the solution to creating a garden that would have flowers that would be the envy of any florist. Moreover, grass so bright and green, golf course owners would long for. 

Using this great resource, author Lily Goldman teaches, explains in accessible language and colorfully illustrates  how to compost in your own backyard.  And what are the secret ingredients that Sooz’s mother uses and places in her compost bin? You have to read the book to find out for yourself.

This book is a definite must have for all kids and a good candidate for home, school, and public libraries.

I give this book: Five Gold Compost Bins and Five Gold Fairies to Sprinkle the Dust