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Aggie Villanueva

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By Aggie Villanueva
Published on September 9, 2010

Aggie Villanueva Discusses Six Useful Twitter Apps

There are so many twitter apps out there it’s hard to chose, or even know about them all. Here’s your quick list of some great ones to partner with your twitter efforts.

  1. Tweetcount. A WordPress plug in that puts a “retweet this” button on each post on your blog to make it easier for your readers to share.

  2. twitblend. Create a widget for use anywhere that accepts html code. Blend twitter conversations according to topic, drag and drop them, and then save to your blended widget.

  3. organizes links shared by those you follow on twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any twitter user, list or hashtag. A great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow, but only what is of interest to you - even if you are not connected 24/7!

  4. TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for twitter. Allows you to enter one keyword or phrase to watch for at a time.  Or you can choose the type of search: keyword search, mention of your twitter user name, or a hash tag.

  5. twitRand. Been hosting a lot of twitter contests lately? Need a quick randomizer to pick your winners?twitRand to the rescue, twitter’s answer to If you had your contestants tweet a phrase, hashtag or just had a contest that included all your followers, just enter the phrase into the twitRand search box and let it do the work. Proof to sore losers that your contest is fair and square.

  6. upprdwnr. Measuring twitter Sentiment. Now you can vote in with upprdwnr, twitter’s incarnation of the “Like” button, Stu Belshe designer and front end developer from St. Louis. upprdwnr ask users to use the hashtags that makes their voice louder than ever. Users add an #uppr or #dwnr hastag to their tweets, and our site measures that with the rest of the world.

I haven't used all of these apps. If you find problems with them, or are disappointed, please leave a comment so we can all be in the know.