One of the most dreaded and least understood aspects of writing is marketing our writing.‭ ‬Yet most writers have a twitter account because we've been told to.‭ ‬We make posts about our books and check our account periodically,‭ ‬but we don't know how effective we are.

There are numerous free apps to help writers analyze how effective we are with our twitter marketing.‭ ‬I used many separate programs until I found Twitalyzer,‭ ‬which does about everything you could ask.‭ ‬But it’s not just a numbers cruncher.

I appreciate the knowledgeable Social-view that underlies all their stats,‭ ‬because solitary statistics can be misleading,‭ ‬especially since effectiveness in Social Media marketing doesn’t rely on sales numbers.‭ ‬Social Media users are a different breed than walk-in store customers,‭ ‬and we need statistics,‭ ‬and analytics of those stats,‭ ‬based on this understanding.

Reading from the Twitalyzer Handbook:

‭“ ‬If your plan is to evaluate your success in the Social space based on the number of directly quantifiable sales generated,‭ ‬our advice is to give up and go home.‭”

Similarly,‭ ‬we can’t judge our effectiveness just by the number of followers.‭ ‬And it goes far beyond how much we are retweeted,‭ ‬and‭ ‬ we retweet others,‭ ‬though all this is part of our overall twitter effectiveness.‭ ‬There is so much written about the philosophy of Social Media marketing,‭ ‬but this is the first analytics program I’ve used to include all the varying metrics to reflect this.

Twitalyzer, a free analytics application created by Eric Peterson and Jeff Katz, is used by over‭ ‬400,000‭ ‬people‭ (‬so far‭)‬,‭ ‬and is changing the way that authors think about their investment in twitter.

Owned and operated by Eric and Jeff‭ (‬Customer Intelligence,‭ ‬web analytics and data analytics professionals‭) ‬the company uses stats researched by Forrester and TweetPsyche to name a few.‭ ‬It analyzes dozens of your stats to measure you twitter effectiveness and reports each of them separately.‭ ‬And further,‭ ‬you can get a few basic stats on any other tweeter,‭ ‬like your competition.

I like that their calculations are laid bare for us to see,‭ ‬and to prove their worth. Twitalyzer strikes a good balance between the new and novel and serves up a basis of knowledge so we can understand their stats,‭ ‬because as they observed,‭ “‬People will not embrace that which they do not understand.‭”

They call themselves a‭ “‬framework for discovery.‭” ‬And I agree.‭ ‬I discover so much about my twitter marketing effect every time I use Twitalyzer.‭ ‬Check out just a few of the areas analyzed.‭


Impact,‭ ‬as defined by Twitalizer,‭ ‬is a combination of the number of your followers,‭ ‬the number of each reference and citation about you throughout twitter,‭ ‬how many times you are uniquely retweeted,‭ ‬the frequency at which you retweet other people,‭ ‬and the relative frequency at which you post updates.‭ ‬It’s one of the core measurements you’ll want to watch.

Impact in Twitter is a function of the number of people paying attention to you combined with their measured participation.‭ ‬So if you have two million followers,‭ ‬you will have Impact in Twitter.‭ ‬But if you have‭ ‬2,000‭ ‬followers who reference and retweet you like crazy,‭ ‬and you are an active member of that community,‭ ‬you will also have Impact in Twitter.

My impact score for the seven days ending June‭ ‬29,‭ ‬2010‭ ‬was‭ ‬3.7,‭ ‬which is in the‭ ‬84th percentile.‭ ‬I had hoped that was
at least a decent score,‭ ‬but you’ll understand my laughter when I read the dedication to their‭ ‬55-pageTwitalyzer Handbook,‭ ‬which reads: Dedicated to all the little people,‭ ‬you know,‭ ‬those of you who can’t seem to crack a‭ ‬4.0‭ ‬Impact score in Twitalyzer.‭ ‬I’m still chuckling.‭ (‬Update:‭ ‬I've since broken the‭ ‬4.0‭ ‬Impact score.‭ ‬Do I hear any applause‭?)

Clout‭ & ‬Klout

Clout,‭ ‬as defined by Twitalyzer,‭ ‬is the relative likelihood that an individual's Twitter username will appear when searched for in twitter.
Klout's K Score is a measure of the impact of opinions,‭ ‬links and recommendations across your social graph.‭ ‬This score is calculated and provided by Klout.

Influence‭ & ‬Engagement

Influence is the likelihood that another twitter user will either A‭) ‬retweet something you have written or B‭) ‬reference your posts.‭ ‬While this definition is similar to clout, influence takes both retweets and references into account,‭ ‬whereas clout only looks at references.
Engagement provides a measure of the type of interaction you have in twitter by examining the ratio of people referenced by you to the number of people referencing you.

Lists‭ & ‬Generosity

Lists reports the number of twitter lists you are a member of.‭ ‬If the number of lists looks wrong to you,‭ ‬update the user's profile.‭ ‬As of today’s date Twitalyzer reports that I’m on‭ ‬421‭ ‬lists.‭ ‬Not many‭ ‬,‭ ‬but I didn’t know I was on them.‭ ‬I wish the program could report whose lists.

Generosity is the percentage of updates in which you retweet other people.


This is one of my favorites.‭ ‬It starts with a graph of yourself compared to‭ “‬you choose the tweeter.‭”‬Eric and Jeff useTweetPsych reports,‭ ‬so you just click on the‭ “‬TweetPsych report for‭ @‬yourtwittername.‭”

This list starts with your largest percentage of tweet topics.‭ ‬Mine was Learning with‭ ‬243%.‭ ‬The report said,‭ “‬This user Tweets about learning and education‭ ‬243%‭ ‬more than the average user.‭ ‬This includes Tweeting about school as well as self-teaching activities.‭”

The personality scoring list areas like Media,‭ ‬Senses,‭ ‬Emotions,‭ ‬Positive,‭ ‬Social,‭ ‬Money,‭ ‬Work,‭ ‬Conceptual,‭ ‬Leisure,‭ ‬Primordial,‭ ‬Sex,‭ ‬Anxiety,‭ ‬
Time,‭ ‬and much more.‭ ‬And at the bottom is a short list of‭ “‬People Who Think Like You.‭” ‬This short-list might be helpful,‭ ‬but mine listed people who have absolutely nothing in common with me.

Comparison,‭ ‬Recommendations‭ & ‬Site Referrals

Comparison allows you to compare your scores with another tweeter in the areas Impact,‭ ‬Engagement,‭ ‬Influence,‭ ‬Generosity and Clout.‭ ‬Type in your competitor to find out how well you compare.

Recommedations give a report recommending your areas for improvement,‭ ‬and how important they are to improve.‭ ‬You can even demand supporting details.

Site Referrals link with your Google Analytics to show your traffic data side-by-side with Twitalyzer scores.‭ ‬Thetwitter users listed in the report are people who have somehow linked to the site you're tracking.‭ ‬The Google Analytics metrics reported tell you about people clicking from your updates on

Benchmark Reports

Want to know who is most influential in Twitter‭? ‬How about for a specific hashtag or geographic location‭?

Twitalyzer does so much more you’ll just have to register and play around with it.‭ ‬Be sure to download their handbook to really grasp how much this simple‭ (‬looking‭) ‬program can do for your author/artistic business.


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