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Author: Isabelle Albanese

ISBN-10: 0978660226:  ISBN-13: 978-0978660222

 Publisher: Ithaca: Paramount Mountain Publishing, 2007

From the Fortune 500 world of advertising comes this perky little book, and surprisingly, its advice is very applicable to small entrepreneurs with limited budgets, and translates well to many other media besides TV ads.

Albanese’s thesis is that the most effective communications embody four characteristics, all of which begin with the letter c:

   1. Comprehension: how well the message gets across

   2. Connection: whether the reader/listener/viewer/web visitor feels the material is relevant and emotionally arresting

   3. Credibility: Is the message in tune with the customer’s perception of the brand? Is it based in ethics?

   4. Contagiousness: Will the message spread with the help of its own prospects and the media?

She quotes Edward R. Murrow:

    To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful

And then flips the statement around to say that credibiity creates believability…which creates persuasion…which results in sales.

After analyzing each of the 4 Cs, she applies them to a raft of marketing and informational messages, including e-mail (a particularly good analysis that mirrors many of the points I’ve discussed in my Frugal Marketing Tips and my various books), Instant Messaging, eBay, and even movies. Oh yes, and she shows how the 4 Cs may have influenced the 2004 presidential election. In the final chapter, she applies the formula to personal communications between lovers or spouses, and between parents and children.

Click Here To PurchaseThe 4Cs of Truth in Communication