Title: The Mission
Author: Larry Hunter
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6103-5

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A fascinating book that is definitely a page-turner.
Father O'Malley, a Catholic Priest from St. Patrick's Church in Chicago is called to St. Joseph's Hospital to perform Last Rites and hear the confession of a dying man, Jack Mullens.  When Mr.. Mullens whispers his confession to Father O'Malley, it starts a chain of events that will include the assassinations of the sixties (The Kennedys: JFK and RFK and Martin Luther King, Jr.) and cause much heartbreak and quite a few deaths before it's over.  When the death bed confession is done, Mullens whispers to the Priest, "I'm sorry Father O'Malley, but your life is now in danger."  
Truer words were never spoken.  Soon after leaving the hospital on his way back to his parish, the brakes on the Priest's car fail and he manages to escape death with the help of FBI Agent Mike LaGuardia.  The agent watches over the Priest and saves his life again when an assassin tries to kill him.  Mike, the Priest, and two former Vietnam veterans set out on a mission to reveal the reason for the assassinations.  Of course, taking place in Chicago, there has to be some mob affiliations.  (I just loved this part.)  A mob boss and a killer from the CIA are on the case trying to hush up everyone who had anything to do with Jack Mullens and stop the world from finding out what really happened.  Moving from Chicago to Tampa and then on to Washington DC, and back to Chicago, takes the Priest, the FBI Agent, a former Vet, and a man who runs a soup kitchen for the homeless in Chicago, on a quest to discover exactly what Jack Mullens was talking about.  There is so much intrigue in this story that you will want to follow it closely.
The author, Larry Hunter, came from Chicago and is very knowledgeable of the inner workings of the city.  After being a businessman for 30 years, he states that he was bitten by the writing bug.  I, for one, am glad about that.  This is a very good book.  The descriptions are fabulous and obviously Mr. Hunter did a lot of research as the facts in the book are accurate.  His plot lines are very believable and he gives a new spin to "The Conspiracy Theory."  Many people have written about the assassinations of the sixties but, this book sounds very real.  Good luck with "The Mission" and I'm looking forward to reading book two.

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