Click Here To Purchase How To Market A Product For Under $500!

Author: Jeffrey Dobkin

ISBN: No. 0-9642879-2-7

Publisher: Danielle Adams Publishing Company

This is a BIG book, both in size and substance. Weighing in at 2-1/2 pounds and with the dimensions of letterhead paper, it lives up to its title. Assuming you do your own promotion,

Jeffrey shows you how to keep your marketing to under $500.

The 389-page book is geared to anyone with a new product (even an inventor), be it a gadget or a book. The author spent two years researching the reference data and the book is packed with sample releases, charts and replicas of media directory pages.

There is a whole section on press releases – which are undoubtedly the cheapest method of getting the word out. Again, this is true if you don’t use submission services, which can get costly

According to Jeffrey, direct mail is “the lowest cost way to enter any market…you can aim an entire campaign with precision with virtually no wasted advertising expense.” He defines marketing as targeting a defined group, as opposed to selling, which means selling to anyone. And whether you are a business person or author, the benefits of the products are stressed. In direct marketing, what sells products are the benefits,” he says. To help the reader understand what are the benefits, he has the sample of his own “benefits-first” release printed with the benefits highlighted for each paragraph.

Need help writing a classified or display ad, direct mail letter, press release or willing headline? It’s all there. Jeffrey even helps you find a product to market if you’re stuck coming up with one your o

The margin notes for nearly every paragraph summarize the main points. Instead of a standard index, there is a sidebar directory. For example, on page 94 there are two margin notes: “Does the lowest price always draw the most response?” and “Why will a more expensive price tag sometimes work?”are next to a paragraph on setting a price for a direct mail package. These two sentences are then repeated in the directory with the corresponding page number. While it’s easier to look up something in an index, this is a novel way of driving home a message.

If you live near a library with good reference books, such as the Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters, you can take advantage of Jeffrey’s advice to send your press releases to newsletters – which he calls “among the most overlooked marketing publications to send releases to through tradition marketing methods.” He says that most newsletters “will publish a release if it’s of interest to their readers.” A sample page of the Directory is included, as are reproductions from other directories.

You’ll want to consult this book again and again whenever you start on a new marketing campaign. As one fan wrote – “I kept your book out [of the library] so long it would have been cheaper to buy it right from the start.”

Click Here To Purchase How To Market A Product For Under $500!