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Reviewer Amy Lignor: Amy is the author of a historical fiction novel entitled The Heart of a Legend, and Mind Made, a work of science fiction. Presently, she is writing an adventure series set in the New York Public Library, as well as a teen fiction series, The Angel Chronicles.  She is an avid traveler and has been fortunate to have journeyed across the USA, where she has met the most amazing people, who truly bring life and soul to her books.  She lives in the Land of Enchantment (for now) with her gorgeous daughter, Shelby, her wonderful Mom, Mary, and the greatest friend and critic in the entire world - her dog, Reuben

By Amy Lignor
Published on August 19, 2010

Author:  Terri DuLong

ISBN:  978-0-7582-3205-2

This is a review of one of the best new authors on the scene for a book that is coming out in the Fall

Author:  Terri DuLong

ISBN:  978-0-7582-3205-2


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Readers, have I got a great surprise for you!  This is a review of one of the best new authors on the scene for a book that is coming out in the Fall.  And, you – the readers of – get to be the very first ones to hear about how absolutely fantastic this novel is.  This second book from Terri DuLong (whose first novel, Spinning Forward, has gone on to receive accolades which it most definitely should have received) is as good, if not even better, than the first!

She brings us back to the fantastic island village of Cedar Key, FL (Boy, if I could move here I would in a heartbeat).  Cedar Key is one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone; everyone stands up for everyone else; and, the feeling of support and family is the most prevalent thing in this little world – except for the beautiful sunshine!

In Spinning Forward we met Sydney Webster who had come to Cedar Key and opened a yarn shop.  She had found many things in this town, including redemption, solace, friendship, and a mother she didn’t even know she had.  Also found, was her true love Noah, and as we begin this new book we know that Noah and Sydney have raced to Paris for a year and left the shop to Sydney’s daughter, Monica.  Now Monica loves “Spinning Forward,” and she loves the town so much that she has recently married Adam.  They have just embarked on their newlywed existence; they are extremely happy together, and Monica is absolutely loving running the bustling shop.  She only hopes that she can keep it as profitable as her mother did.

As she’s just beginning to get her feet wet, a call comes in from a social services department in Georgia letting Adam know that his ex-wife, Carrie Sue, was in a drunk-driving accident and his daughter, Clarissa, is being held by them.  Adam is rarely surprised about his ex; she’s always been a real jerk – leaving their daughter alone at a young age so she could go out and meet men and party it up.  (Heck, a serial killer would be a better parent than this woman.) 

Monica is beyond frightened when she finds out that Clarissa is coming to live with them immediately.  She’s never had “a way with kids.”  In fact, she’d told Adam before they were married that she probably would never want to be a parent because she felt that she just didn’t have it in her to be a good Mom.  Well…fate has other ideas, and Monica must now deal with a child, as well as concentrate on her store.  The calm, peaceful, tranquil life of a newlywed just went right out the window.

As always with Cedar Key, the people come together to help Monica and Adam deal with this new change of events, as well as help Clarissa feel at home.  Perhaps, there is also help coming from the great beyond…you’ll see.  All our favorite characters are back including Opal, Monica’s other grandmother who is truly a hysterical woman from the Deep South, Aunt Dora, who works in the shop and helps Monica all she can with Clarissa; Miss Polly, who is the owner of the Curl Up and Dye Salon (love that!); and, Grace, who owns the local coffee shop and is Monica’s best friend.  In fact, poor Grace finds herself up against a horrific developer who looks like George Clooney, but wants to put her out of business. 

I can’t only rave about the plotline that goes very in-depth with how hard and wonderful it is to become mother and daughter.  As a single parent, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my most precious relationship will always be with my wonderful girl, so there were parts of this book that made a lump form in my throat.  I must also address the fact that this author is so right on the money with other things, as well.  I worked for a Guardian ad Litem at one time; she was a family attorney that was court-appointed to watch out for and defend children who were living in abusive situations.  I respect her still far more than I can write, because of how wonderful she was with those situations.  Frankly, I’m the type of person who believes that if you harm a child in any way you should be strung up in the town square – no trial – simply a public hanging to do the trick.  This author addresses the fact perfectly that for quite a long time judges had the tendency to give full custody to a mom simply because she was Mom – even if the best interests of the child would be to go with the father.  Although this has changed somewhat, I agree with the author that more needs to be done in this area.

Again…a book has been created that is not only funny, light-hearted, and has a cast of characters that you want to sit down and have coffee with every day of your life, but it also has poignant, meaningful plotlines that will pull on your heartstrings and make you email this author immediately telling her to “hurry up with the next book!” 

I know you all dislike me.  You should!  I didn’t have to wait until October or November for this one!  But trust me, guys and gals, it is SO worth the wait.  And I have your back.  As you’re waiting, I’ll make sure to email Terri DuLong immediately and tell her to “hurry up with that next one!” 

My advice?  Go to Amazon and pre-order this title right now.  You will be very happy that you did.


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