Author:  Louisa Edwards

ISBN:  978-0-312-35647-7

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 I have been a fan of this series for a while now, so I was absolutely ecstatic when this next story showed up in my mailbox.  Can’t Stand the Heat was the first novel about a hot chef and a really hot food critic in NYC.  Then came On the Steamy Side which introduced a Southern belle to a sarcastic, slightly jaded television chef in the Big Apple.  And now, we have a man on a mission to change his life and his career who runs head-long into a woman who is all science, but has a heart that is dying to be brought out of its’ shell by a man she can truly love.

This third book begins with Wes Murphy.  Wes is an older fellow – certainly older than all the students attending the Academy of Culinary Arts.  Wes is on an externship from the Academy, working in NYC at the Market restaurant.  Wes learned about the power and passion of food from Deirdre Nickoloff, an older woman who ran a place called the Heartway House, where Wes was sent to as a child in order to “straighten himself out.”  This fantastically loving woman, with plump, round cheeks, had not only taught him about the culinary world but also about the type of man he really wanted to become.

At the restaurant, he is speaking to Jess Wake – a young man who has been devastated by the man he loves.  He’s been dumped, and he can barely contain the fact that he is truly hurting inside.  As Jess and Wes talk in the large kitchen after serving is over, Wes reveals what has brought him to the restaurant and why he can’t go back to the Academy of Culinary Arts anytime soon.  As the men speak, Wes tells of how, six months earlier, he’d been in class – hating the fact that he had to take classes, seeing as that he just wanted to cook and not learn from boring, old books.  Into the classroom of Food Chemistry 101 walked Dr. Rosemary Wilkins.  Rosemary is a true scientist.  Although she believes in food, what she really believes in is the chemistry of flavors; how heat and cold react; the chemicals involved in the processing; and, so on.  In fact, she pretty much “sucks” out all the passion for the actual culinary delights.

When Wes tries like heck to get her to give him an A in the class without having to actually attend, and she turns him down flat, he finds himself becoming oddly attracted to her.  Soon, he wants to start up an experiment in culinary chemistry with the good Dr., and the romance ignites.  Unfortunately, what also happens, is that the Dean of the Academy makes it impossible for Wes to stay, and he leaves Rosemary in the middle of the night with only a note to remember him by – breaking her heart.  Not only is he missing her terribly, but his father – the con-artist – comes back into town and realizes that this Dr. Rosemary Wilkins’s parents were once part of a scam he ran.  Suffice to say, all heck breaks loose.  After Wes is done telling his tale of woe to Jess, Dr. Rosemary Wilkins walks back into his life at the Market restaurant and the heat is certainly turned up in the kitchen. 

The plot lines of this author’s novels have always been well-done and well-thought-out.  Not to mention, her characters are steamy without being “textbook” characters, and the love and passion feels absolutely real instead of “been there, done that, bodice-ripper material.”  I also love the fact that in the back of the book a recipe is offered for a chocolate creation that I can’t wait to…well…create!  Books one, two, and three in the “Recipe for Love Novels” are beyond tantalizing and very, very tasty.  Enjoy!

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