Author: Debra Pickman

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

ISBN# 978-0-7387-2128-6

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A True Tale of “Supernatural Phenomenon”

The Sallie House Haunting by Debra Pickman is an extraordinary read. What makes this ghostly tale unique and more terrifying than most – it is documented as factual. Pickman describes in detail showing documentation, and providing eerie pictures of their supernatural haunting. Tony and Debra Pickman along with their newborn son, Taylor, have attracted the attention of paranormal investigators, psychics, and the media. Using detailed accounts from her journal, Debra reveals terrifying and haunting circumstances as they occur. Facing perturbing ridicule by many skeptics, the Pickman’s ultimately decide their story must be told.

The infamous Sallie house stood nestled between two other houses just two blocks from the Missouri river. Records later revealed that it was the oldest house on the block. Newlyweds and expecting their first child, the Pickman’s desperately needed a spacious house that provided specific amenities such as, a large yard for their growing family, and preferably in a safe location. They would find their dream home – or so they thought, following a tip from Tony’s brother. Debra reveals that upon entering the house for the first time she felt a peace of calm, no indication of the terror that would soon follow.

Soon after they moved in – thirty days to be exact, the Pickman’s began to notice some strange happenings such as, lights slowly dimming then blasting at full wattage. Changing the bulbs, fuses, and still experiencing electrical problems, they hired an electrician to inspect the problem, but upon inspection, no problem was to be found. At this point, they still had no reason to suspect their house might be haunted. One evening their dog, Sasha, followed Tony upstairs, stopped dead in his tracks in front of the nursery doorway, growling and baring her teeth. They could not understand what would warrant such a reaction as the room was empty – a reaction that would occur several more times throughout their stay.

Soon after the author speaks of one particular night, about 3:30 a.m., being awaken by a blood-curdling scream, then hearing several loud thumps from down stairs. Before she could go investigate, something unforeseen struck her body and face. Paralyzed with fear she screamed awakening her husband. After regaining composure, they would investigate and find nothing out of the ordinary.

On June 26, 1993 their son, Taylor Jacob was born. After several sleepless nights due to their newborn’s excessive crying, Debra opted to ask for help and called upon her sister in New York. The day before her arrival, Tony agreed to help with the vacuuming and rearranging of the nursery while Debra and the baby relaxed in the room across the hall. Suddenly, he burst into the room shouting that the teddy bear mobile had started play on its own – again no explanation could be found.

The nursery seemed to be the so-called hot spot for eerie occurrences such as, finding stuffed animals and toys levitating, disappearing and then reappearing in different locations of the room, lights flickering on and off by themselves, and eerie shadows appearing moving around the room. The demonic behavior would soon surface by attacking Debra’s husband, Tony, and leaving deep scratches across his body – documented with pictures and witnesses.

Whatever one may believe, this documented tale of supernatural phenomena will keep the reader captivated and wanting to learn more about this experience. I found this read quite fascinating, interesting, and disturbing. I read the Pickman’s story as authentic and legitimate as told by a family who truly believes they and their home – The Sallie House, experienced a true Haunting.

Debra and her family lived in the Sally House in Atchison, Kansas for twenty-two months. The infamous property has been featured on the television shows Sightings, Unexplained Mysteries, and A haunting. It was also the subject of a Showtime move called Haunted Heartland. For more info, visit

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