Author: Donna Marie Seim

Publisher: Peapod Press

ISBN-10: 0982691106: ISBN-13: 978-0982691106

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For any child between the age of 8 and 12 who loves the sea, this middle reader is a must. A modern-day adventure story of a girl and her kid brother, who are packed off to their Gram and Gramps, who live on a remote island in the Caribbean, is both heartwarming and inspirational.

The multicultural and empathic nature of the text should appeal to anyone who is exposed to a multiplicity of different cultures. How the heroine, who is almost an anti-heroine at the start of the story (many a tween, even though they might find it hard to admit, should be able to relate to her peevishness and selfishness), comes to realize that, by insisting upon having her own way, she endangers the lives of others makes this a fine coming of age novel.

Hurricane Mia is filled with believable characters, who are so intriguing that, if you haven’t visited the islands, you long to do so. The interplay between the local inhabitants of the islands and the newcomers, who long for their cell phone connections and ready internet connections, is amusing and true to life. One cannot help but admire the pluckiness of the locals, who make the most of the relatively scant resources which are available to them. Yet even they are not perfectly adapted to life in such a harsh climate – when one thinks of the Caribbean, one tends to think of balmy turquoise waters and blissful days spent lounging under tropical skies, but in Hurricane Mia there is inclement weather, as the title suggests, and sting rays and hammerhead sharks that can harm you.

This is a world in which you soon, as a child, have to learn to accept your responsibilities. That Neisha, the quintessential island girl, is unable to swim comes as a shock both to Mia and her brother, Jack. “‘You can’t swim? Your dad is a fisherman! You live on an island! How can you not know how to swim?’ The words flew out of Mia’s mouth like bullets.” In such an environment, one not only sometimes has to fight the elements, but the conflicts between the characters themselves sometimes seem overwhelming, as, for example, the antagonism between the willful Mia and her Gram, whom she regards as over-restrictive and demanding.

The novel is beautifully illustrated with numerous drawings by Susan Spellman, and includes a glossary, a reference list, a study guide and activities. In short, it is not only a delight to read, but also a springboard for young imaginations. Donna’s love of children and children’s literature radiates throughout this reader, making it an inescapably good buy. Do get it – you won’t be disappointed!    

Click Here To Purchase Hurricane Mia: A Caribbean Adventure