Author: David Gelber

Publisher: Ruffian Press

ISBN: 978-0-9820763-4-7

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David Gelber's second Christian Science Fiction novel, Joshua and Aaron: ITP Book Two contains quite a smorgasbord with its mixed bag of themes from love, religion, corporate greed, power, domination, exploitation, futuristic medicine, to a host of others that are cleverly interwoven into the plot. Most are easily palatable, however, if you are not of the Christian faith, you may find the Conservative Christian theology aspect of the book difficult to digest and not your cup of tea.

The yarn is a sequel to ITP: FUTURE HOPE, and once again Gelber uses as his backdrop the twenty-second century, where some of the same characters in his first novel reappear such as Major David Sanders, the first intergalactic pilot, the brilliant Dr. Deborah Tennyson, and Joshua Smith. The latter is the principal protagonist, who must confront the satanic Aaron Diblonski.

When we first encounter Joshua, we notice his simple life, betting on the horses and meeting up with various unfortunate oddball characters at the track's Bar #23. Joshua is a good person and is constantly trying to help these misfits without expecting anything in return. Unfortunately, however, Joshua's good intentions is not appreciated by everyone, particularly Aaron Diblonski.

Masquerading as a company that is supposed to help the down trodden, Joshua discovers that Diblonski Ltd is far from being altruistic and in fact quite evil in its intentions, with its promotion and exultation of human weaknesses. Moreover, as Joshua remarks, “Diblonski was more than a fabulously successful entrepreneur; there was a sinister side that perhaps crossed over into a supernatural realm.”

Joshua proves to be quite a pesky combatant to Diblonski, after he discovers that humanity is in imminent danger of being destroyed, if Diblonski is permitted to continue to carry on his intentions of converting every living soul to the side of Satan. Fearing for his life, Joshua is forced to disappear, and with the help of Geoffrey O'Donnel, establishes a new life under the name of Gideon Jones. Under his new persona Joshua is faced with the mammoth task of confronting the forces of good and evil.

Gelber does push the boundary of science fiction with his off-the-top scenarios that stretch our imaginations to a level that is very much outside the realm of reality. Nonetheless, Gelber's take on future medical treatment is quite intriguing, as he preserves the impression that this fictional account could become actuality. In addition, his one-of-a kind characters makes us want to continue reading, merely to see what becomes of them, particularly Joshua with his super human powers. Will he save mankind?

This is not to say, however, that the novel is without flaws, particularly where the pacing and interweaving of the various themes are, at times, not as smooth as they should be. All the same, Joshua and Aaron: ITP Book Two is a fun read crackling with energy and replete with gadgets of Gelber's own creation that could be reality sometime in the future. As in my case, it is a great beach read, one that you may be able to read straight through in one go.

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