Author: Patricia DiVecchio

Publisher: Pearhouse Press
ISBN: 978-0-98023-554-8

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Patricia DiVecchio, author of Evolutionary Work, is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (BA) and George Washington University (MA in Human Resource Development).(2010, inside back cover) She has over twenty five years experience in helping people and businesses to reach their evolutionary potential. Ms. DiVecchio is a very accomplished public speaker, business coach, and mentor. Currently she is President and Chief Visionary Officer for the International Purpose foundation.

First, let me admit that I read and review a lot of business books for Bookpleasures. Honestly, I was expecting another mundane business book, but this book was anything but mundane. It was imaginative and inventive. It made me look for new ideas. Ms. DiVecchio says that with today’s business landscape “Radical, not simple, change is needed.” (2010, p.3) I agree!

Evolutionary Work offers seven tools to help speed us on to personal and professional success. (2010, p.7) The steps begin with the reinvention of how you do business or how your work is performed and ends with placing us on a new and more holistic path toward success. (p.8) The entire evolutionary process walks through, and confronts, fear, creating a good foundation, wisdom, and more. (pgs. 8-12) There are questionnaires and activities along the way to help cement the learning into your daily work and home life.

Many times people stay in nowhere jobs because they feel safe, but uncomfortable. (paraphrase, 2010, p.23) Change makes lots of people insecure. Ms. DiVecchio says people basically have two choices: “act or hide”. In order to change there must be desire and choice that leads to action. She calls this “stopping the cycle”. (p.27) Doing so, she says, can turn our dreams into reality!

Patricia DiVecchio breaks this change and call to action down into five parts: “..imagining a more self-assured you.”, practice, think about what you really want to become, feel what success is like, implement “…new behaviors and actions.” (2010, pgs. 37-42) These actions will help us to “…uncover our true attributes.” (p.56) These activities are intended to help us become more “…self-aware, self-accepting, self-responsible, and self-assertive.” (p.75) By becoming all of this and more we can increase our “…self-esteem, self-respect, self-efficacy, and self-love.” Each of these headings is further dissected by Ms. DiVecchio and divvied up into thought provoking activities that help each person to find their own best way.

Evolutionary Work will help you identify your special purpose, cement your vision and mission, determine your guiding principles and core values, and transform your dreams into reality! I loved the read and highly recommend it to everyone regardless of where they are on their career or life path. Thank you Patricia DiVecchio for a very impressive look at how we find our niche and unleash our potential.

Click Here To Purchase Evolutionary Work: Unleashing Your Potential in Extraordinary Times