Author : Dennis Vaughn

Publisher : Synergy Books

ISBN : 978-0-9842358-1-0

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A story exposing treachery, deceit, blackmail, forgery and revenge in the inner circles of some of the reputed names among the legal firms of Denver. The main protagonist of the story, David Fox is introduced as a highly aspiring lawyer who is enjoying almost every possible bliss that the life has to offer - having a great career, on the verge of being a partner in the firm and a wonderful relationship with Ellen - who happens to be the granddaughter of the firm's owner. But this all does not stay the same for long and while investigating a lawsuit against the Denver City Ballet, he stumbles upon some very crucial pieces of information, which he is thrilled to be bringing to the courtroom.  But one of his weak moments makes him vulnerable to be blackmailed and being cajoled for doing what another partner wants him to do.

David Fox refuses to stoop low, follows his heart and quits the firm to join the second best firm and the direct competitor to the previous one.  The rivalry between these two firms enters an altogether new phase of more animosity and more bitterness. Ellen, now David's wife, finds herself torn between two of her most dearest relationships who are now in camps which are direct adversaries to each other. The mental stress affects Ellen so much that she ends up seeking regular psychiatric assistance to untangle her mental clutter. But do these sessions help her set things in right perspective or do they lead her to a more complicated situation which has the potential of even entrapping her dear ones in it? The story takes a lot of interesting twists and turns and keeps the interest and curiosity alive among the readers all through.

A very well written and well presented piece of writing and Author Dennis Vaughn has neatly weaved the feeling of anxiety, tension and stress in the narrative to bring forth the actual flavor of the real corporate world riding on a lot of high stakes. The story has a quick pace to it and grips the readers attention right from the first page. The book offers a wonderful potpourri of things ranging from a corporate saga, a family drama,  personal relationships to highlighting various strengths and shortcomings in each character.  However, it fails to make any character rise above the rest to be able to stay with the readers even after the book gets over. The book has been publicized as a legal thriller but the story falls short in creating any nail-biting or edge of the seat kind of anticipation or anxiety among readers. Moreover, the characters seem to follow the course of actions more in tune with the practicality of the same rather than being completely revenge motivated. A mismatch between the title and the story becomes very apparent. This book should be read and enjoyed for an interesting story but don’t get misled by the title and raise expectations which have all the probability of being left unfulfilled.


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