Author: Mozelle Richardson
ISBN: 978-1-61658-244-9

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What a wonderful story!!!  This book is such a welcome change after many months of vampires, ghosts and what have you.
Canyon Eliot is a rancher in Colorado, who was once an OSS agent in World War II.  He is called upon by the CIA to investigate a situation that brings him back to Munich, Germany, where he spent a lot of time in the war, by a friend, who is like a son to him, so he can't very well refuse. 

He expects that this investigation will last about a week at the outside and he'll be back among his cattle and horses in a short time.  But, as usual, this does not work out and he finds himself mixed up with a beautiful Russian spy and an agent from the Israeli Mossad.  He has to use every bit of the skill he learned during the war to keep his feet on the ground and his mind on his mission.
This "situation" started when the author, Mozelle Richardson, saw a newspaper clipping concerning the theft of a skull from the body of a German prisoner of war at a POW cemetery in Fort Reno, Oklahoma.  Using her fantastic imagination, Ms. Richardson wrote this story.  Cane Eliot is visited by a CIA friend Peter Landis and handed this newspaper article about the skull.  Apparently, the thieves were Russians, which asks the question "Why would anyone want to dig up a 35-year-old Nazi skull?  And, why should it interest the CIA?"  No one does seem to know, but if the Russians are interested, then the CIA is too, and using their clever (read underhanded) tactics managed to substitute the Nazi skull for another and are now trying to figure out why they wanted it in the first place.  Are you following all this? 

Peter and his bosses want Cane, who speaks excellent German, to go to Germany and find the wife of the late prisoner and find out why anyone would want to dig him up.  Cane agrees to go but, on the way he picks up some unwelcome stalkers, a Russian agent, who also wants the skull and an agent from the Mossad. 

The Mossad has figured out that there is a piece of microfilm hidden in the skull that tells the location of some Nazi treasure that was stolen from the Jewish people.  This story takes you from the Western US to Germany, Bavaria, the Alps and goodness knows where else.  It twists and turns from one person to another until you could get very mixed up figuring out the good from the bad guys.  But, I for one loved it.  We need more stories like this that hold your interest until the last page.  I am a big fan of any story that involves the big, bad Nazis.  They were not very nice people but, you have to admit that they were interesting and you really loved to hate them.  They could keep you on the edge of your chair.
Go right out and get this book and you won't be sorry.  There is a photo of the author on the back cover and her bio says that she is 96 years young and received her BA in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma at the age of 90.  What a woman!!!  I wish Ms. Richardson much luck with this book it is a prize and, obviously so is she. 

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