Author: Michelle Kaye Malsbury

Publisher: All Things That Matter

ISBN: 978-0-9844219-4-7

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If you are looking for a deliciously readable beach read-this is it. Michelle Kaye Malsbury's The Swindler tells the story of a fictional character, Charles (Skip) Horowitz who resembles the infamous Bernie Madoff, and in fact, Skip was even an ardent admirer of Madoff.

Both ran a Ponzi scheme that paid returns to separate investors from their own money or money that was paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any profits that were actually earned. By putting together a team of unscrupulous brokers, forty-two year old Skip was successful in enticing investors by promising them unlikely high returns. His insidious operations netted him huge profits as a commodities' guru, as he and his band of thieves wilfully and wantonly deceived their clients and investors. The result was that Skip became a mega-millionaire, while many individuals lost their life savings. Sound familiar! The only problem was that Skip's luck ran out one day, all because his operation was not as tight and fool proof as he believed it to be. Although, it was seven years before he was brought to justice, law enforcement agents succeeded in amassing a great deal of incriminating evidence that convinced the jury that Skip was a scoundrel and need to be put away for a long time.

Malsbury deftly weaves her yarn into a believable tale that is never dull, as we follow the machinations of our protagonist, who aside from his devious investment shenanigans, has a voracious sexual appetite and a very low opinion of the opposite sex. Just as he seduces naive investors, he likewise attracts a full stable of bimbos, whom he showers with expensive gifts. Incidentally, Skip is married with two daughters, however, thinks very little of abusing his wife, both physically and psychologically.

The Swindler is a fluid snaky adventure containing a great deal of momentum. And as I am always a sucker for thrillers focusing on unlawful financial scams, this one didn't disappoint, particularly when we have a protagonist who acts with such abandon. Moreover, Malsbury has a knack of irrigating the novel with some great scenes and believable characters that never bore you. I do hope there will be plenty of more to come from this author, as she is an author to watch.

Michelle Kaye Malsbury currently lives in Florida and holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Business Management. She is pursuing her doctoral studies in the discipline of Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies with high hopes of helping to build nations and sustain peaceful interactions around the globe. Michelle has widely traveled to Europe, through the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and across the United States. Her first book was Three Years With Adonis.

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