Author: Robert Landori, Author

Publisher: Emerald Book Company
ISBN 978-1-934572-55-9

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Robert Landori, author of Havana Harvest, was born Robert Landori-Hoffmann in Hungary. (2010) He has held a variety of positions, mostly within the accounting sector, that have allowed him to travel extensively and mix and mingle with some of the top people in other industries around the globe. These rich experiences have helped Mr. Landori to write believable stories about characters inside the various intelligence agencies, banks, and governments with keen insight and critical attention to detail and action. I might also surmise that his lead character, Robert Lonsdale, may be based a bit on his own experiences in this arena.

According to the back side of this book, Havana Harvest, is somewhat based on a true story that has been greatly fictionalized by the author, Robert Landori. (2010) Besides Mr. Lonsdale, the main character, there are some very top ranking characters from inside the Castro regime, the US CIA, and various offshore banking facilities who come together to create a very imaginative and telling story of international espionage and intrigue.

The tale unwinds across North America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Panama, and Cuba. Mr. Lonsdale, working for the CIA on and off the record, follows a twisted trail of partially obscured clues until he finally pieces together a very incredible story that involves collusion between intelligence communities that have the potential to change the dynamics of governments at the top most levels where politics and political favors meld and blur right from wrong, good from bad, etc..

After working on the record, there comes a point where Lonsdale is cut loose only to be reeled back in to complete the job he began. While he was cut loose he begins to doubt allegiances and wonder if he is the one being duped or set up to fall. As he tries to ascertain he finds his old alliances remain strong, but have been tested by working relationship and orders at the top. Who can Lonsdale trust since it appears that deception has been found even within his ranks and solid friendships and why is he being manipulated?

There is a little something for everyone in this book. I had a bit of a hard time getting into it, but once I was hooked it was hard to put down! I loved the twists and turns, the action and the circle of events that brought relationship together and tore others apart. Bravo Robert Landori on a book well written and a plot well executed!

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