Author: Larissa Ione
ISBN: 9780446556811
Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

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NY TIMES bestselling author Larissa Ione grew up reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz. She began writing horror and fantasy, but soon learned to love romance. She is able to combine her two loves into one genre- paranormal romance. She also writes under the pen name Sydney Croft. Titles include: Seduced by the Storm, Pleasure Unbound, Hot Nights Dark Desires, Unleashing the Storm, Wet Dreams, Snow Bound, Riding the Storm, Flesh to Fantasy, and Shadow Play. Her title, Pleasure Unbound was named Best Paranormal Romance of 2008 in the First Annual Reviewers Choice Awards at Romance Novel TV. She was born in Oregon but resides now in Virginia.

Sinead Donnelly is the only female Seminus demon ever to be born. A master assassin, she's used to being treated like an outcast, but after spending decades in enslavement, she vowed never to give up her freedom again. Then, her ability to kill goes awry, and she accidentally creates a new lethal werewolf virus that threatens to wipe out the whole race. Amidst a firestorm of panic and violence among species, half-werewolf, half-vampire Conall Dearghul is in charge of bringing Sin in as punishment for the plague. Except he fears he may be the only one to save her, thus saving the epidemic, as Sin is not only the cause, but could be the cure. Bound by his own responsibilities, the passion between them is anything but accommodating, and Con fears that saving Sin's life may mean sacrificing his own.

This is the fifth, (and I believe), the last installment in the Demonica series. However, a new series is coming out in April 2011, called the Lords of Deliverance, and it looks like it starts where Dominica leaves off, following the Doomsday Prophesies. Though it is not necessary to read the other books, as they all stand alone, I highly recommend doing so.

I love reading a series like this one that is hard to put down, and ends with a bang, not a whimper. Paranormal romance fans will relish this new book from a master in this genre. Who couldn't love an author who creates an underworld demon hospital run by a team of siblings who are destined to save the world while falling in love? I do believe that says it all. Bravo--a must read!

Click Here To Purchase Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5)