Author: Susan Bagyura

Publisher: Life Success Publishing

ISBN 978-159930094-8

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Susan Bagyura, author of The Visionary Leader, is a certified Master Coach, consultant, member of the Accredited Insights Association, and more. (2010, p.278) She has over twenty five years of experience in the sales industry, and has worked all over the world. Her educational background is Sales and Marketing.

The introduction of The Visionary Leader opens up with what Ms. Bagyura hopes the reader might learn from her book, i.e., increased productivity and income, as well as, greater job satisfaction and the ability to overcome our fears and realize our dreams and potential. (2010, p.18) She blithely states that “The solution for your future is in your hands.” (p.19)

Chapter one stipulates that “Some of us actually fear success more than we fear failure.” (2010, p.23) Ms. Bagyura offers steps for how to face this fear that may be holding us back from finding successs. Step one hinges [paraphrase] on noting where we are now and deciding to make changes to get to where we want to go. (p.25)Ms. Bagyura states that whatever our mind conceives is what will manifest in our lives. Therefore, moving out of fear and into success just takes a concerted effort and change in our mindset. (p.26) Organizationally speaking, Ms. Bagyura says that if leaders can understand what motivates their employees they can create success from the top down. (p.29) Achieving this means that leaders must outline and communicate their expectations for their employees. (p.34)

The next couple of chapters outline various leadership styles and traits of leaders. Chapter three designates the difference between purpose, vision, and goals. (2010) Ms. Bagyura believes that people “…can make money at anything..[they] love.” (p.77) She states that being persistent and determined are two ways to move into making money on that which we love. (pgs.81, 83) Setting yourself up for this success takes desire to make changes that can move you in that direction. (p.88) However, desire without action will never get you there, so jump in with both feet.

Chapter five talks about how important good communication skills are to the leader. (2010) There are distinctions made for intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, as well as, active listening, and which part of your brain you use for what. (pgs.129-133) Ms. Bagyura suggests that you should “Focus on the thoughts that will bring you closer to your goals.” (p.146) And “…focus on what you can be in the future.” (p.163) Furthermore, “…when you love and commit yourself to making an idea into a reality, it seems to guide you rather than the other way around.” (p.164)

Chapter seven advises you to “…surround yourself with positive thinkers.” (2010, p.178) And to “…never stop learning.” (p.179) I really liked those two points and try to use them in my own life. The next chapter speaks about the various life laws, i.e. Law of Relativity, etc.. Ms. Bagyura says that [paraphrase] if your thoughts are about prosperity then prosperity will occur in your life so why not give it a try?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve already begun to use some of these sage suggestions and am eager to see how they manifest in my life! Whether you are working in your own business or working for someone else there are tips and tools in this book that can help you to better realize your goals and dreams. As purely a motivational tool this is a feel good book! I enjoyed it very much and I believe you will too!

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