Author: Becky Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-84694-316-94

Publisher: O Books

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The book Intuitive Lovers tells us that we are all intuitive lovers. Intuition, is instinctively knowing. Knowing that we can or can’t trust this partner; knowing that a particular partner is safe for us. Most of us fail to listen to our intuition; we are fearful of our intuition because it doesn’t tell us what we want to hear. We brush it off like it was a piece of lint on our jacket. We wonder if our intuition is just our imagination or wishful thinking on our part.

Becky Walsh taught intuition at the College of Psychic Studies in London. She has a radio show on LBC 97.3FM, and works as an intuitive therapist and a life coach helping people to develop their consciousness. She is candid, sharp, quite accessible, and has a great sense of humor! Her other books are Advanced Psychic Development, published by O Books and Haunted West End Theatres with Ian Shillito. Becky gives talks and does workshops around the world and even performs her own unique show blending intuition, philosophy, spirituality and stand-up comedy.

One of the catalysts for Intuitive Lovers was an assessment of society. In the book, it states that we are all born with intuition, yet as we develop linguistic skills, and are able to communicate with words, our intuition seems to take a back seat then technology was born and it seems to have absolved us of the need for many of our intuitive abilities.

We can use driving for example. We used to figure out where we were going by instinct and now technology is used to guide us to our destination. We have saved some time, if the GPS is working correctly, but we lose our instinctive skills. We use technology for so many things now days, even to find a mate. It is tough to trust your instincts when you haven’t used them in so many years.

This book was written with an open mind; it doesn’t make judgments or have opinions about the different aspects of sexuality in the world. They are all considered normal and natural, which is refreshing. Everything that is covered in the book seems to be covered in a matter-of-fact way. It covers so many aspects of dating and is brave enough to challenge the truth that has been swallowed for too long. The author is bold enough to print that the news and society as a whole are wrong in that their truth of not being able to find “good people” and being fearful is not necessarily “your truth.” Becky is courageous in challenging us to stop the opposite sex bashing through email and jokes and to think before we forward those on to others. We have a family made of different genders and bashing one or the other only makes it tough to love each other in the end.

I highly endorse this book as it is well written, open minded and completely challenges us in ways we may be uncomfortable with in our sexual society. It is self-assured, poised and confident in its message. Pick up a copy today!

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