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Amy Lignor

Reviewer Amy Lignor: Amy is the author of a historical fiction novel entitled The Heart of a Legend, and Mind Made, a work of science fiction. Presently, she is writing an adventure series set in the New York Public Library, as well as a teen fiction series, The Angel Chronicles.  She is an avid traveler and has been fortunate to have journeyed across the USA, where she has met the most amazing people, who truly bring life and soul to her books.  She lives in the Land of Enchantment (for now) with her gorgeous daughter, Shelby, her wonderful Mom, Mary, and the greatest friend and critic in the entire world - her dog, Reuben

By Amy Lignor
Published on June 25, 2010

Author:  Tess Gerritsen

ISBN:  978-0-345-51548-3

The plot of this story is fantastic!

Author:  Tess Gerritsen

ISBN:  978-0-345-51548-3


I have always been a HUGE fan of Ms. Gerritsen’s writing, so it came as no surprise to me that her newest book, which will be released on June 29th, offers the same gut-wrenching twists and turns that all her previous works contained.  AND…the book will be released just in time for the premiere of the new TNT drama Rizzoli & Isles appearing on July 12th (which I absolutely can’t wait to see).

Readers’ much beloved characters return:  Dr. Maura Isles is everyone’s favorite medical examiner.  She has flown from Boston to a medical conference that’s being held in Wyoming.  She left Massachusetts with a heavy heart.  The man she desperately loves – a priest by the name of Daniel Brophy – is still her significant other, but the relationship is getting harder and harder.  Daniel is still trying to decide whether or not to leave the church because of his love for Maura.  So, upset beyond belief, Maura gets on the plane and jets off to the conference wondering whether or not she and Daniel are finally over and done with. 

While at the medical meeting, she runs into a young man she went to college with a million years ago.  Douglas Comley is divorced with a thirteen-year-old daughter named Grace by his side.  He’s in town with his best friend Arlo, and Arlo’s girlfriend, Elaine.  After the conference is over, he asks Maura to accompany his group to a ski lodge where they’ll relax, have drinks, and just enjoy a weekend without all the problems that the world throws at them.  The offer is far too good for Maura to refuse; she needs to do something “wild and crazy” because she’s always so direct, competent, and “to the letter.”

As the road trip begins, the snow comes down faster than anyone can imagine.  Following the wretched voice on his GPS, Daniel soon finds himself traveling a private – seemingly abandoned – road into the middle of the woods.  Soon the SUV goes off track and the group must find a way to survive in the wilderness.  As they’re digging the car out of the drifts, Arlo gets seriously injured, and the group find themselves trekking down a gated road into a community of abandoned houses.  And, when I say abandoned, I mean abandoned.  There are cars in the garage; there is a meal set out on every table; the windows are wide open; the doors unlocked; and, spots of…blood seem to be decorating various floors.  The usually safe and organized Maura finds herself knee-deep in a mystery of monumental proportions that seems to be wrapped around a Reverend who built a “community” a long time ago – a community of parishioners where the women were made to sit down and be quiet, and the men had as many “child” brides as they wanted.  What was the place called?  You guessed it…Kingdom Come.  As the group attends to Arlo and his horrific injury, Maura notices footsteps in the snow outside around the house.  Someone is watching them.

Back home, Jane Rizzoli (fans other favorite character), and her FBI husband, Gabriel, soon find out that their friend has gone missing.  With the help of Daniel Brophy, the gang gets together and travels up to the snow-capped mountains of Wyoming to search for the one woman who they know is reliable enough that she would never take off on a whim and simply disappear from their lives.

The plot of this story is fantastic!  As the bodies pile up and the mystery unfolds, I guarantee you that you will NOT be able to put this down until the very last word on the very last page has been read.  Not to push Ms. Gerritsen but…she needs to work on a new book immediately.  I have a tendency to go through withdrawal when I have been denied her expertise for months at a time.  Enjoy!