Author: April Maley
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978-160844-433-5

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 “Heart Wrenching, Spell Bounding, Inspirational Read!”

I will Not Be Silent, by author April Maley, is a work of non-fiction in which she describes in detail her own horrific events of child abuse, murder, and neglect. The beginning of the story starts out with April – nine at the time, swinging on a swing set gliding as high as she can go. She describes to the reader in vivid detail everything she sees – her Mother’s bountiful vegetable garden – the window to her Father’s garage – the clothesline where she often can be seen hanging clothes up and then taking them down – the sandbox where she and her brother often play. She then asks the reader not to be fooled by first impressions – to look closer – not everything is, as it appears to be.

In the first chapter, the author introduces her readers to her Mother, Gracie Rose Morris, and her father, Dominic A. Morris. We learn that her mother, as a teenager, had been forced to take on the responsibility of caring for her four other siblings, while her own Mother pursued her education. In retaliation Gracie ran away from home several times – dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and became pregnant by a man seven year’s older, Dominic A. Morris.

The author describes her Father’s upbringing as tumultuous and chaotic, allegedly abusive at times – the results – an angry bitter young man. As ayoung man, after serving a year and two months in Vietnam, he was honorably discharged. Could his choice in joining the army and serving in the Vietnam War be a factor to his vicious and violent behavior? Abused victim and author, April Maley, strongly believes it affected who he became.

The traumatic events that unfold in this tragic story of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, as well as the unthinkable murder of an innocent young woman will forever touch your inner core. However, I believe by writing and sharing this poignant story, author April Maley, has brought awareness to domestic violence, and unselfishly will provide hope for those wanting to escape the brutal cycle. I commend the author for having the courage to share her and her sibling’s trials and tribulations with the world. I do not want to omit the fact the author speaks several times in her writings that by the faith of God was she able to survive.

The author’s story, I Will Not Be Silent took ten years in the making and began in a small Ohio town. The following is a quote taken from the book by the author, April Maley, “Doesn’t the old saying go that history has a tendency to repeat itself? Breaking the cycles that not only bind us but have made us who we are today is not an easy process. But it can be done. I will take you along with me on the journey that began two generations ago.” A journey this reader will not soon forget – an extraordinary read indeed!

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