Author:Temra Costa

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As obesity rises in the U.S. and more and more people are reaping the ill effects of poor diets, it is so refreshing to see someone take a stand against the foods that Americans are purchasing and eating. 

Temra Costa’s book, Farmer Jane, gives us a reason to cheer, knowing that there are women throughout the nation who have decided enough is enough when it comes to our country’s food.  Costa gives us 30 examples of women who are committing their lives and their livelihood to creating sustainable farms, bringing interns on board to learn how to plant and farm, teaching children the value of fresh, healthy diets and generally helping people change what they put in their mouths.

In Farmer Jane, we meet women who have worked relentlessly to find ways, resources and support to provide healthy alternatives to processed food.  And are there customers for this food?  Evidently so!  One farm represented in the book had so many volunteers and members that they found themselves needing to expand in 1990. In another story, one intern enjoyed the farming experience so much that she went on to start her own!

The author investigates a variety of farms and community sustained agriculture organizations and we are offered a glimpse into this world.  We see what is working to keep customers interested and engaged such as how one farm provides a seasonable wholesale produce box in one size with whatever produce the farmers choose.  And the feedback has been excellent.

There are informative sections interspersed throughout the book that include a variety of interesting tidbits such as how much the food we eat actually costs us. There are resources for eaters, farmers and also for food businesses throughout the various sections of the book as well.

And we also meet women who are on the front lines of social change as they work tirelessly to get laws passed, meet with legislatures and obtain state and federal support.  Some learned the importance of working with the media to get them to help spread the word about the farms in a positive light. We also learn about corporations who are genetically engineering the food we eat.  All of this information adds to the value of the book. We actually learn the exact steps these extraordinary women took to work for the betterment of our planet.

The information in this book is so critical to our health and to our earth.  I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn more about the food they eat or who may have a small (or large) desire to change the world one farm at a time, pick up a copy of Farmer Jane

Click Here To Purchase Farmer Jane: Women Changing The Way We Eat