Author: Jeffery Stephens
ISBN: 9781935142126
Publisher: Variance Publishing

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An illusionist is someone that creates a false perception or belief. A fantastic plan or desire is formulated that results in an erroneous belief or perception of an event or happening. The face of a deceiver is not any different than yours or mine. Their deceptions are many, their truths are none, targeting the unsuspecting, gaining their trust and hoping to snare their victims into their web of lies and deceit in order to carry out their treacherous plans and create their own illusion masking the truth.  

What if the target of the deceit is your country?  Pretend that an artist painted a picture filled with distorted shapes, faded colors and blurred images creating his own illusion forcing the spectator to determine its true meaning? Hiding the true meaning of the painting these distorted images cover up the truth as a deceiver, liar and fabricator paints his/her picture for the unsuspecting to view. What if the painter is planning to create a special showing just for our country? A painting filled with twist, turns, and images whose meaning if revealed would unleash a gas so deadly that the end result would be total annihilation of a population. Jeffrey Stephens will reveal the answers to what is hidden behind these images and who is behind these attacks and deceptions in my review of Targets of Deceptions.

Vincent Traiman studied the art of manipulation and deceit. He convinced the government of his loyalty and then did an about face and went over to the other side convincing them of the same. But, Vincent Traiman basked in his own glory. However, his insecurities, weaknesses and overconfidence would trigger his downfall. Praying on the caring, defenseless and vulnerable, hiding his true motives and never revealing the entire picture to anyone, Vincent Traiman is a dangerous man and to many a strong adversary. But, Vincent Traiman has underestimated, Jordan Sandor his former partner and is now in for the fight of his life against this worthy opponent.

Fabricating truths, convincing their marks and carrying out their missions require money, power and cunningness. Jordan Sandor our protagonist, our main character has the art of deception down pat. The government betrayed his trust. Why would Jordan Sandor risk his life to help them? A magnetic force so powerful and so strong pulls him back into the fold of the FBI and CIA. Why? Jordan Sandor has his own agenda? Can he be trusted? As events unfold, Jordan Sandor cannot break away from this force as he and many others risk everything to prevent a catastrophe more deadly than 9/11. Jordan Sandor and his friend Dan Peters are on their way to meet a man named James McHugh. They are too late. Instead they are ambushed and Peters is critically wounded. Trying to find out who is behind these events will take Sandor from the Empire State, to Florida, Paris and finally to Portofino where he hopes to get the answers he needs before the unthinkable happens.

But, Jordan Sandor is not the only one who has secrets, his own agenda and targeting many with his own brand of deceit. Christine Frank comes into the picture and leads him to one man they both hope with provide answers and the help they need.  Christine Frank claims to be the half-sister of the dead agent? But, Sandor does not trust her completely and relies on his own intuition and expertise to unravel this plot and stop the attack on our country. Traitors to their country trying to get back in the good graces of the FBI and CIA, James McHugh and Anthony Andrioli hope to gain asylum by selling information that would help foil the terrorist plot. But Peters and McHugh are killed before Sandor can uncover the truth behind McHugh’s defection. Anthony Andrioli would provide those answers and hopefully lead him to the real source of this conspiracy, but will he? Can he be trusted?

What is the real mission? Who is behind it? The masters of deceit are FBI and CIA agents, which side are they on? What is VX and just what part does this gas play in the total scheme? What would happen if the enemy unleashed a deadly nerve gas on many cities and countries? Imagine if this conspiracy to commit more acts of terror using VX succeeded? Who will be left standing at the end?

A plot filled with distortions, secrets, illusions and manipulations crafted to show how easily people are taken in so others can gain power and control over them. Author Jeffrey Stephens created one huge deception when finally revealed will leave the reader breathless and hoping for more. As the plot draws to a close the reader wonders: Is it really over or is this just the beginning for Jordan Sandor? Let’s hope the author brings this intelligent, character back in his next novel.

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