Author: Gail Fraser            
Publisher: New American Library
ISBN: 978-0-451-23004-1

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Gail Fraser, author of Lumby on the Air, has previously been a senior executive in Fortune 500 companies. (2010, p.431) She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree with some efforts toward graduate work before committing herself to writing. Ms. Fraser has authored four prior books all dealing with the sleepy little town named Lumby in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys gardening, pottery, art, bee keeping, and her pets. The Fraser/Poulin family reside in upstate rural New York. 

I had not the pleasure of reading one of Gail Fraser’s books before embarking on Lumby on the Air. Instantly, it reminded me of the time I spent living in Apalachicola, Florida and the nuances and quirks of small town people. The characters she writes about are heartwarming and real. They are genuine, lovable, and not pretentious. They share a sense of community where the people come first and everyone pitches in to help one another when they get in a pinch.

This particular book is largely about family matters. There are many lessons we can all learn from the incidents these characters are endeavored to work through, both individually and as a family.  At the end it is a humbling road they traveled, but one filled with love, adventure, and renewed commitment to the community you live and work in, as well as, the people’s lives you touch and vice versa. There is a little something for teens through college and married folks into their geriatric years. Lumby on the Air will make you smile, laugh, and cry. The story takes many twists and turns, but it touches on and intersects with religion, fine wine, good food, county fairs, livestock, the divisions between city and small town communities, and giving back.

I totally enjoyed reading and reviewing this book and look forward to reading some more of Gail Fraser’s series on Lumby. Excerpts in the back of Lumby on the Air offer incredible tips for wines, recipes, cheeses, and gardening.

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