Author: John Perry
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-59555-306-5

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Based largely on Winston Churchill’s own writings, Christian Perspectives: Winston Churchill describes Churchill’s life and times from a Christian perspective. Ranging from what appeared, to all intents and purposes, to have been his premature birth, though many doubts have been raised in that regard, to the posthumous summation of her father’s outlook on life by Churchill’s younger daughter, Mary, Lady Soames, the biography relates the most significant moments of his political career, as well as of his home life and religious convictions (despite his overt lack thereof). 

Though born into an aristocratic setting, emotionally Churchill was neglected by his parents as a child. Asserting himself against such odds, he came to lead Britain through the most devastating onslaught that that nation has had to experience in modern times. Overcoming a speech impediment and a scholastically faltering career, his oratory was responsible for buoying the spirit of a people who refused to give in, even when all the odds seemed to be against them. Although Churchill often insisted that he did not believe in God, he often called upon Him in times of crisis. His persistence and moral rectitude, even when at odds with his own people, the British nation, won him widely given respect. Churchill’s devotion to his nation even limited the time that he spent on publically grieving the death of his own daughter, Marigold. Despite being ill towards the latter end of his life, he persisted in his role as prime minister until he was voted out of office at the end of the Second World War.

Christian Encounters: Winston Churchill reveals the emotions and thoughts of one of the greatest heroes of all time. Perry’s biography is informative and accessible, providing much food for thought. His text contains many quotations and excerpts from writings both on, and by, Winston Churchill. Perry’s insight into Churchill’s approach to Christianity is striking, ranging from his perception that his reading and analyzing the works of such great historians as Edward Gibbon, Thomas Macaulay, Blaise Pascal and Charles Darwin must have prompted him to ask himself probing questions about religion, to Perry’s consideration of the assertion made by Winston’s younger daughter that he considered himself to be a Christian.

In addition to extensive notes on all the chapters, the biography ends in a two-page bibliography, including references to the works of many other of Churchill’s biographers, including Martin Gilbert and John Lukacs. A Reading Group Guide to Christian Encounters: Winston Churchill is also available at

John Perry has also published biographies of Charles Colson, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and Sgt. York.

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