Author:  Cinny Green
Illustrator Maureen Burdock
Western Edge Press
ISBN-10: 1889921505. ISBN-13: 9781889921501

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While Cinny Green has been a writer, writing coach, and editor for many years, she has found, in her later years, that venturing into the wilds has fostered a new link to her creative self. Green holds that “[w]riting in the wilderness—or in the wilderness of our imaginations—connects us not only with the origins of the art but also with our self that often gets lost in the clutter of everyday life.” Urging avoidance of culture-bound language and expressions, she seeks to let nature itself inspire her creativity when writing on the trail.

Green’s personal encounters with several trails in the mountains of the Southwest are related in lively and humorous detail in Trail Writer’s Guide. Such trails include the 6-mile Windy Pass Trail in the San Juan National Forest in Colorado’s Weminuche Wilderness; the 10-mile Chili Line Railroad Grade Trail that carves its way through Comanche Canyon to the Rio Grande; the 25-mile figure eight Rio en Medio, Capulin, Rio Frijoles and Borrego Trails, with links, in the Santa Fe National Forest of northern New Mexico; a seven-day, seventy-mile hike, as well as three shorter trails, in the Pecos Wilderness; the 21-mile Winsor Trail, Rio Nambé and Rio Capulin Loop; and the Flat Mountain Trail in the San Juan Mountains, just over the New Mexico border in Colorado.

 In conjunction with her spirited and informative description of the above trails, Green’s 45 writing exercises gently lead one through the first steps of starting to write about nature, empowering one to progress from penning a few sentences to writing an entire story, all set in the outdoors. Her own writing exemplifies all that she advocates to the novice author, taking one from intention and discovery, through poetry, place, dialogue, conflict, journaling, telling details, myth and story, character, writing nature, and concluding, naturally, with resolution. Nowhere are her exercises onerous. Not only does she stimulate thought by asking several leading questions in each exercise, and including a number of examples of her own poems, but she also takes into account that many writers have other deadlines that they must keep. Her sensible, down-to-earth approach to writing, nevertheless, gives full sway to the imagination, which she encourages the reader of this guide to explore to the full.

This beautifully illustrated book contains 11 full-page drawings by the award-winning artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist Maureen Burdock, as well as many other smaller drawings. With the Trail Writer’s Guide in hand, you have no excuse not to start writing along the trail, so don your hiking boots and backpack, pocket your notebook and pen, and head for the great outdoors…  

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