Author:  Jeff Havens
ISBN:  0-9843022-0-4

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When I first heard about this book, How To Get Fired – The New Employee's Guide to Perpetual Unemployment I thought it was crazy but at the same time quite intriguing.  Why would someone need to buy a book on how to get fired from a job when all you have to basically do is not show up for work.  Why would you try your best to lose the job you spent time trying to receive?

When I was looking for a job, after graduating, realizing I had no experience, I went to the bookstore to get books to help.  Coming across this book would make me realize why anyone would waste his or her time, writing it, not to mention buying the book.  When so many books promise to get you into top shape to find and keep a job and this book comes along to promise you otherwise, it's a wonder why this book would be interesting to anyone.

It is a very humorous book.  It's well written and easy to read.  The chapters are hilarious with titles such as Fake Your Resume, Establish Your Incompetence, Destroy Your Work Ethic and Alienate Your Co-Workers makes you want to read what this author has to say.

But is Jeff Havens really trying to sell you a book that tries to get you to lose your job?  Everyone has lost a job, whether to cut backs, incompetence or to a number of reasons listed in his book.  As I read further, the points the author was making could be used to keep the job you were hired for by just doing the opposite of what he has written.  Jeff uses great points and he makes it funny.  I found myself laughing at many of the points he listed and the ideas he expressed in his book.

The one chapter that made me feel uncomfortable was the chapter in which Jeff Havens talks about trying to get his reader to be addicted to drugs and alcohol as in the chapter "Cocaine, Meth and Other Things To Put In Your Coffee."  I would hate to think that anyone would promote such ideas to young adults just graduating from college.  I hope that the chapter isn't taken seriously by the foolhardy who go on to read the entire book, but taken to mean that readers should be wary about getting involved in drugs in general.

Why put out a book in publication that is like all other books about finding a job, making it big, or becoming successful?  This book captures the reader by discussing the workplace and employment, never before told in this type of style.  The author takes the subject of finding a job, something that no one can escape from, and making it less serious and fun when we all know that we have to find work at some point or another.

From someone who has been let go from only two jobs in my life, I enjoyed reading the book.  It is meant for young adults graduating from college or just getting into the work force because it gives you a variety of ideas of how you could lose your job.  Although, Jeff Havens wrote it in such a way to try to help you to lose any job you happen to acquire, I think the book is a useful tool to also show you how to keep any job you obtain by staying away from the examples set forth in How To Get Fired. 

Click Here To Purchase How to Get Fired!: The New Employee's Guide to Perpetual Unemployment