Author: Michael Pennington
ISBN: 9781452819754
Publisher: Books by Michael Pennington

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From the author of Zhena, Michael Pennington comes the bone chilling and mind- stimulating sequel in the second of his Zhena Trilogy titled Dohch. Just when Susan thinks her life is back to normal and no one from her past is going to haunt her present, something happens to change everything.  Susan Anderson is about to reenter a world that she would rather have left behind and permanently forgotten. Michael Pennington has created his own Twilight Zone for her and many others as I review the second in his Zhena Trilogy, Dohch.

Think about what happens when you enter the Twilight Zone. Susan Anderson’s world is about to turn upside down again. Entering a world filled with bizarre thoughts, hallucinations, flashing lights or colors, unexplainable sounds and voices that often call her name, Susan Anderson’s life is once again under someone else’s control. Seeing faces from her past, fully formed scenes or pictures, mental images that are so vivid and clear, Susan realizes that something or someone wants to control her and take erase her life and mind in the present and fully submerge her into the past. Aware of what is happening to her, she cannot always control the events as they unravel. Frequent black outs occur when something triggers her long-term memory and events and people from her past take the forefront in her thoughts and actions in the present. Her life as she become unaccustomed to will never be the same and the normalcy she has become used it, will vanish with every waking hour.

A letter addressed to her daughter leads her to an Internet address, starting a chain of events that will take the reader on a roller coaster ride along with Susan and her family.  As she uncovers the hidden meaning in this letter, Susan once again becomes embroiled in a plot so heinous and devious it will take every ounce of her mental and physical acuity to stop what has already been set in motion. But, can she only time will tell and that is something she is running out of.

When contacted by her former handler, Vladimir to secretly assist him in a mission, Susan’s life is once again filled with turmoil, danger and the unknown. Agents that are better equipped, more skilled and dangerous are after her. But, which government will get her first, the Russians or ours. Placing her family in harms way she risks more than her own life to help this man, Elena her only friend and many others who she holds dear.  But, things become more volatile and the stakes are raised as Susan realizes she has no way out and must help her Vladimir in order to protect family. Things get further out of control when she realizes that both he and Elena have been captured. Learning the location of the enemy’s location, scouting the area, Susan attempts to save her friend and her old handler. However, she takes one risk too many and winds up in a hidden cave with a man named Creed who she places her trust in to help her. With his help she formulates a plan to save both Vladimir and Elena from their captures, but in the end only one would survive.

Who is behind this master plot you will not believe?  The unknown voice in her head keeps telling her what to do but she often ignores it. Sasha her alter ego from her past is trying to take over her identity and a group of Russian agents including one real surprise from her past want to make that happen. How they plan to reactivate her and return her to the program for what they call the good of new Russia, you will have to read for yourself. What they do to her when she is finally in their custody will frighten the reader and make you wonder if these experiments on humans are real or fiction?  Will the voice in her head ever be silenced?  Will Sasha retake control? Susan’s sanity and her family’s lives are on the line unless she stops the people after her? Is it our government, the Russians or some unknown players?

Creative, thought provoking, with characters what will astound the reader and let you know just how computer literate and smart kids are when accessing the internet, Michael Pennington has once again mystifies his readers with a thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Will she survive and who will finally help her you won’t believe. With a son who is a computer whiz, a friend that risks her life for her without question and one word that might save her from death: Dohch: daughter the key to it all.   The true meaning of its significance, who is really behind her problems and what will happen to her next, you will have to wait until book three Moitz comes out in the final book in the Zhena trilogy. I can’t wait to read it.

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