Author: Richard Nocera
ISBN:  978-1-449-94606-7
Publisher:  Dick ‘N Jane Publishing

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Women Own All the Vaginas reveals what the author believes is the truth about male sexuality and debunks our illusions about manhood, marriage, and monogamy.   The author believes men are taught not to feel but to do what society believes is required of them to be good men, good husbands and good fathers while lying to their true self.  He calls for the heterosexual men to come out of their closets, stop telling the monogamy lie, acknowledge their true sexual desires and come clean about their ability, or inability, to keep the 7th Commandment:  Thou shall have only one vagina for the rest of your life.

The author states that God gave him his sexuality for procreating and that he is wired to be non-monogamous in his relationships.  He writes that the institution of marriage is flawed since we have a 50% divorce rate. He feels liberated now that he has spent 25 years in therapy trying to understand why he is who he is. Through this incredible journey, he feels he can now be true to himself, the Liberated man.  “All his life he was told what to believe, how to behave, and what to do. But now, without his social engineering script to dictate to him, the responsibility to decide how he lives rests squarely with him.  In therapy, he developed an understanding of the real reasons why he did what he did so he’s not afraid of his reality.  He is ready to present who he really is and allow others to decide whether they like him or not.”

Richard Nocera is a hairdresser, business owner and educator.  His unique insight into human nature and the real lives men lead are reflected within the pages of this book.  He currently resides with his wife and son in Newburyport, MA.

It seems that men have already started the liberation process since 50% of the marriages end in divorce.  I applaud the work Richard has done through therapy and perseverance.  Doing “the work”  takes an abundance of time and continuous refocusing.  From the contents of the book, it seems Richard has come through the revelation a happier, more honest man.

I don’t feel that most men are ready for that kind of work but they should be grateful that someone took the lead, making it easier for all who follow.

Richard is very clear that men don’t question what they are expected to do in life.  Getting married and having children, then providing for family was the only option he saw when he was young.  With years of wisdom and the hardest work imaginable, he discovered who he truly is and what he truly wants out of life…he has learned to live his authentic life.  He challenges other men to do the same.  Richard’s choices have worked for him and his current relationship.

The book is written for a man’s reading pleasure but I have to believe that more women than men will be his audience.  Some chapters have a section for “his female readers” that I am still trying to decide whether was helpful or not.  It is a very interesting read.

 Click Here To Purchase Women Own All the Vaginas: Why Men Do What They Do