Author: Stacey Harris
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 9781589807471

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In The Diabetic Pastry Chef, the author, Stacey Harris devotes the first 50 pages to discussing the different types of Diabetes, the signs of pre-diabetes, complications and preventative measures. Then there are chapters on flour and sugar substitutes, a short description of what they are and the best ways of using them to achieve successful baking. Having that information front and center rather than in the back where you never really look at it makes it a thousand times more useful to me. I'm also highly impressed over the explanation of all the different sugar substitutes on the market, what sort of baking, if any, you can use them, and the best way to use them for successful results.

The recipes she has given range from breakfast and brunch, sourdough and starters, tea and yeast breads, cakes and tortes, cookies and bars, pies and tarts, puddings and such, and then those that don't exactly fit in a specific category, such as ambrosia and chocolate gravy, to name the two that jumped out at me. The ingredients listed in the recipes are the common items you typically have in your pantry and the most exotic item I found was Pandan extract, but Harris tells you where you can get it [Asian grocery stores or online] and what sort of flavor they have [“Leaves of the pandan tree have a unique, sweet, almost floral flavor with a touch of citrus, and their extract is popular in Southeast Asian desserts, adding a bright green color.”]

I think cookbooks that teach you ways to alter the treats you love to something a bit healthier will help you make those lifestyle changes that last more than a few months. The Diabetic Pastry Chef is not just a cook book, but also a reference on how to make alteration to other favorite recipes you have to something a bit healthier but still just as tasty.

Stacey Harris fell in love with baking when she took her first home economics class at thirteen. While studying to be a pastry chef at the Bidwell Culinary School in Pittsburgh, she discovered she was diabetic. After initially being discouraged and thinking she was going to have to give up her dream, she then began trying to find ways to make the pastries she loved creating into more low-carb and low sugar treats. This cookbook is a result of that thinking and you can learn more about her website.

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