Author:  Rosemary Trible
Publisher: VIM Publishers
ISBN: 10: 1-935265-09-1 ISBN: 13: 978-1-935265-09-2

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Rosemary Trible’s relation of her triumph over being raped by an assailant in a hotel room, as well as over having her home burglarized shortly thereafter, do justice to her faith in God. She has held firm to such faith since when she chose to be baptized in the Methodist Church at the age of ten. Trible asserts that “What was meant for evil has been used for good in my life. I would not be the woman I am today without this experience, and I would not have had the opportunity to walk alongside so many women dealing with fear throughout the years. If I had not traveled my own dark road of fear, I would not be able to challenge others to travel their own journey to healing and freedom.”

The first half of From Fear to Freedom focuses on Trible’s own story and steady growth in faith over the years, while the second half focuses more on her spiritual outreach to others. Trible regards her survival of what could have been a fatal car crash, following on which she had what she terms to be a “near-life” experience, as “the most wonderful experience” of her life. She regards this experience as one that served to confirm that the Lord had brought her from a traumatized, fear-ridden state to one of holistic being and wholeness. In addition to meeting with many loved ones who had passed on, she also met her rapist, who had been transformed from a life of violence to one which radiated hope and forgiveness.

Trible urges readers to practice centering or contemplative prayer, which she regards as a mainstay of her existence. She holds Mother Teresa up as an example of radical devotion to a life dominated by love and prayer. Trible also shows how, step by step, we can come to forgive another. Her text is interlaced throughout with biblical verses that she has found to be of particular relevance to her own spiritual journey, as well as with quotes from leading Spirit-filled people, such as Mother Teresa and Saint Augustine.

In her preface to this spiritually uplifting autobiography, Rosemary Trible recommends reading one chapter at a time along with the Pause and Reflect questions that form part of the appended Devotional Guide. In addition to the questions, she also offers, when appropriate, a Practical Process to explore, which is intended to help the reader advance on her own healing journey. While the questions are meant to provoke thought, the exercises are intended to help one discover new techniques to finding deeper meaning and happiness in life. Trible provides the assurance that the guide will also work well with an accountability partner, small discussion group, or prayer group as a weekly guide. A twelve-week informal study course would enable one to cover two chapters a week. She promises that great joy can be attained by finding peace with one’s past, and by embracing a new passion for life that brings love, purpose, and greater fulfillment. Trible also includes Ten Commandments of Our Friendship, which are principles on which she agreed with her close African-American friend, Barbara Williams-Skinner, for guiding those who wish to enter into a deliberate and intentional commitment to a cross-cultural covenant relationship. Her end notes provide yet more additional insight into the sources of information that she cites in her text.

Fear to Freedom contains 16 pages of full color photographs, largely of her family, friends and colleagues, including many of her political allies, both in the White House and beyond. You can also check out Trible’s website at, of which the focus is on helping women to face their fears and to find joy again. Fear to Freedom is an ideal text for any woman of the Christian faith who has had to overcome fear and trauma in her life. All resource centers for women should regard this work as mandatory stock.  

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Click Here To Purchase Fear to Freedom: What if you did not have to be so afraid?