Author: Catriona MacGregor
Publisher:  Atria Books
ISBN-10: 1582702195
ISBN-13: 978-1582702193

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Partnering with Nature by Catriona MacGregor delivers a powerful message on the environment, how it affects us and how we need to connect with nature for our own well being.

In today’s world we find ourselves closed up inside at home and work and little time is set aside for taking care of or benefiting from the natural world around us. While the rat race of society, modern technology, and every day stress depletes our energy on all sides.

 In Partnering with Nature, Catriona MacGregor combines scientific, historical, and spiritual examples along with her own personal stories to call attention to the importance of developing a relationship with our natural surroundings. The wonderful descriptions of nature are like poetry painting a living picture for the reader.

MacGregor starts by sharing a childhood story of her experience climbing a tree to put a baby bird that had fallen back in its nest. She was only four years old and her mother and grandmother were both in a state of panic but she was for some reason moved to do this heroic climb. Other stories in Partnering with Nature involve mystical experiences with trees and animals, visions of the soul of a tree about to be cut down, "The tree, knowing of its impending demise, shone forth its inner light, sharing its everlasting soul with the rest of the world."

 There is hope though, we as humans have the choice to reconnect, partner, with nature and reap the full benefits of the energy, peace, and health that nature has to offer us. MacGregor’s words provide ways we can have the partnership that will be better for us daily and in the long haul.

While some may not understand or appreciate the spiritual aspect of “Partnering with Nature” I do not see how anyone can deny nature is here for us, has been from the beginning and it is our lose if we are not enjoying it and gaining as much as we can whether it is walking in the woods listening for the sounds of the trees overhead, sitting by a stream relaxing as the gentle moving water passes by, or rescuing a fallen bird.

Partnering with Nature is beautifully written and delivers a message of encouragement and hope for all of us who are trapped in a concrete jungle going 90 miles an hour to no place.

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