Authors: Mike O'Neill & Lori Ruff
ISBN: 978-14505805-5-7

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Linkedin, the popular business-oriented social networking site has to-date approximately sixty million registered users spread over 200 countries and territories worldwide. And according to Mike O'Neill and Lori Ruff, authors of Rock the World with your Online Presence: Your Ticket To A Multi-Platinum Linkedin Profile, connecting to Linkedin is not about digital pals replacing your real-life friends, but rather it is about extending and expanding your professional network. They go on to inform us that the good part about Linkedin is not about whom you know, but rather whom your connections on Linkedin know. For example, even if you only have seventy connections, these individuals are a gateway to hundreds of other connections in a variety of fields such as recruiters, sales professionals, business-development professionals, and many more. As Linkedin is very different from other social media such as Facebook, it is essential that you let people know the business side of you, and what you can do for others.

Using the analogy as how Mike Jaggar starts you up on stage, the authors inform us that their step-by-step guide will, likewise “start you up” in much the same way. “In short order, you will be rocking and rolling on Linkedin like the true rock star that is lurking within you!”

Designed as a reference text that you can return to often, the authors begin their instructive journey with an overview and then turn their attention to detailing all the best methodologies that should be implemented in order to receive maximum benefits from Linkedin. Readers are advised to begin the process by gathering all relevant information for their profile and combine it into the format presented in the book. If you know anyone who is experienced with Linkedin, have him or her review your work and make comments. And to make the voyage even more informative, the authors have sprinkled throughout the book some excellent and timely tips that consist of best practices and plans of action that reduces your time involvement and increases your effectiveness. I Furthermore, included are checklists, making sure that you don't omit to include something of importance.

The guide divides itself into nine chapters, which are in turn sub-divided into many topics, each devoted to different aspects of the Linkedin process.
These include your profile, your header, summary and specialties, your work experience, completing the picture, viewing your profile, the Linkedin dashboard and settings, home page settings, personal information as to how to reach you, privacy setting, and the applications Linkedin provides. There are four appendices, the Linkedin profile inventory (an invaluable tool), Linkedin groups, how far can you take Linkedin, a glossary and some important definitions.

One of the most important elements of Linkedin is your profile and thus considerable ink is devoted to this aspect of the registration process. As mentioned, it should not be thought of as merely an online resume, but rather as an online professional biography or a mini-website of yourself that contains your resume, personal web page, online advertisement, your future, and your interests. It is there to help you find and to be found on Linkedin. As pointed out: “People do not get involved on Linkedin to HIDE. They are, for the most part, there to be FOUND-found by people they WANT to be found by.”

Reading Rock the World with your Online Presence was thoroughly enjoyable with its conversational style, logical approach and facility in applying the principles enunciated. Moreover, the authors have shared with their readers their invaluable wisdom, as well as that of others, that have faced the challenge of creating an effective Linkedin presence.

Click Here To Purchase Rock the World with your Online Presence: Your Ticket to a Multi-Platinum LinkedIn Profile 2nd Edition