Author: Lois Meltzer
ISBN:  978-0-615-16089-4
Publisher:  Certain Age Press

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Are you over 50?  Do you feel you have become invisible to the public?  Lois Meltzer takes a look at snippets of the lives of four women, over fifty that feel they have become invisible to the public.  The book takes a humorous look at what has become a seemingly unwelcome new awareness for so many women in our culture.

From the very first chapter, you are taken on a ride of humorous antics and are allowed to bask in the slight smug satisfaction of acting out that anger.  These women, having an almost impossible tolerance of ordinary things in life have become our heroes.  The comical way that opportunities keep presenting themselves to “get even” is fortunate for the reader.

On the third Wednesday of every month, these four women get together at a restaurant.  Several times they have ended up in health food eateries that have less than desirable food but today, they end up in a seafood restaurant.  Sandi has no patience for an obnoxious young business man on the cell phone talking louder than necessary.  He ends up having to go to the bathroom and forgets to take his cell phone….Sandi decides her opportunity is short but finds she cannot help herself, proceeds to get up and take the cell phone just to deposit it in the lobster tank.  When young Mr. Businessman returns looking for his cell phone, he never even looks at the table with four ladies.  Nobody in the restaurant notices what she has done.  The reader is cheering and laughing at the same time!

Sandi and her friends realize that this “new age” might have its perks.  Being invisible can and does work for them.  They realize that they can get away with a lot of things they only dreamed of in their earlier life and that vengeance can be so sweet.  Vengeance becomes their new mid-life hobby and instead of taking up a new language, they all become “assertive” in their new roles.

A delightful look at what can be done when you switch your view of things just a little.  Nothing is off limits to these ladies and you will see yourself in them…sooner or later.  A delightful read for women of all ages.

Lois Meltzer is a former humor columnist for a San Francisco newspaper, a playwright, and a prize-winning essayist and short-story wriiter. This is her first novel.

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