Author:  Marilyn Randall
Illustrator: Marilyn Randall
Publisher:  Xlibris
ISBN: 1450041922

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Share from the Heart by author and illustrator Marilyn Randall is the story of two brothers who live alone having no parents or family. The boys spend time wandering around but find themselves on a dark night meeting a fire-breathing dragon, Peter.

The boys are not familiar with being frightened which adds to the situation. But Pete really does not want to harm them and actually just the opposite is a lonely dragon. It takes some time for Pete to convince the brothers he just wants to be friends but eventually he does and the boys invite him to come live with them.

The song like rhyme in Share from the Heart is fun and easy to read. The book is recommended for ages 9-12 but although lacking very many illustrations the ones that are in the book are attractive to younger ages and they enjoy the story, the experience of being frightened, and meeting a new friend.

Share from the Heart hit the mark on reaching out to help children understand the differences in people, or creatures, does not have to and should not be a barrier to accepting and getting to know people with different backgrounds and moving away from stereotypic views.

“And even when differences seem to cause such fright

There are ways that those differences can be made to be right.

So never run away because things don’t seem the same,

For a difference is only a difference until you know it by name.”

In the author’s words, “It is my hope that this little story helps someone to understand the value of friendship and accepting differences and helps them to be compassionate and caring for others. I dedicate this book to children everywhere who struggle with overcoming selfishness and self centeredness and strive to be loving and caring when they come in contact with difference.”

Often books addressing social issues such as prejudices will come across as being preachy but Randall did not do that at all. The situation is shared in the story with a favorable result and the reader is left with the thought in their own mind and the door is opened for discussions on prejudices, closed-mindedness, selfishness, and acceptance.
A wonderful book for a much needed cause, accepting others as they are, I would recommend Share from the Heart not only for children but feel a lot of adults could learn an important message also.

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