Author: DiAnn Mills
ISBN:  978-0-310-29329-3

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Sage Morrow lives the perfect life in Colorado.  She is married to the most loving man in the world, Charles, and they are expecting their very first child.  Charles is selling his other ranch up north so that he won’t have to spend one moment of time away from his family.  One day, a quartet of dirty men come riding up to the house, demand to know where the money is, and proceed to shoot and kill Charles - putting a bullet through Sage before riding away.

Two years later Sage is ready to leave the Ute reservation where she has been staying; here, with her mother’s people, she has mourned the loss of her husband and child, and has now healed enough to ride across the rough-terrain and track down the men who took her perfect life away.  Traveling with her is her protector Hawk.  This powerful bird sits on her shoulder and soars above her, warning Sage of any danger that might be waiting for her up ahead.  Sage has always had a gift with animals.  When she was younger, she had a mountain lion as a pet; as an adult, Wolf was her constant companion until the day the outlaws had taken him from her life, as well as everything else she'd ever cared for.  Soon, Sage falls into the profession of bounty hunter; she does her job with no fear, powerful strength of will, and unmatched bravery and intelligence.

One day, she comes across Aiden McCaw, a man who leads his band of brothers, stealing and killing throughout the territory.  Sage captures the man (a bit too easily), and delivers him to Marshall Parker Timmons, who has just lost his own brother at the hand of McCaw’s men.  The story that unfolds is an action-packed adventure.  Sage joins forces with the Marshall when McCaw is broken out of jail, kidnaps the Marshall’s two nephews, and heads for the hills...leaving a trail behind for Sage Morrow to follow.

The many plots and characters imbedded in the pages of this book are extraordinary.  Sage battles the demons from her past, and finds out that her own beloved husband may have been hiding secrets from her that, indeed, cost him his life.  Add in a Marshall who has politics in his future; a preacher with an attitude; and, a band of outlaws who have been waiting a long time to find a treasure, and you get this wonderfully rich novel that will make it impossible to turn off the light and go to sleep without finishing every single word.  The author has put together a not-easily-forgotten novel of intrigue, suspense, and Christian romance, set in one of the most beautiful locations in the United States – the Colorado Rockies.

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