Author: George Jack
ISBN: 9781936198009
Publisher: Langton Street Press

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Jane and James Ross married after a short courtship and hoped to start a family soon after their wedding. But, as fate would have it they were not blessed with a child until they were married for 17 years. Stanley Ross was born to the happy parents in 1988 and seemed to be a normal and healthy child. James owned an operated his family’s hardware store and his brother Jeff, was what one might call a mad scientist. Jeff was working on a secret project involving cybernetic research. The purpose of the project and research was to create implants that could be used to replace parts of the brain when they failed. Imagine using this technology to repair brain cells, major parts of the brain and possibly cure diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson’s. This brings me to my review of The Chip: A 21st Century Super Hero by George Jack.

Stanley Ross appeared to be a normal child until he developed some unusually strange habits and physical characteristics. You might say these habits were odd and frightening. Stanley developed an acute sensitivity to sound, light and everyday noises like ringing phones, trains or even doorbells. Added to that his physical appearance at age three resembled that of a body builder with muscles. Diagnosis: Stanley might have what you might call Super Powers since he could see what his neighbors were doing without being in their homes and could relate their activities to his parents without flaw. With heightened senses and able to process information from long distances without being in the room, Stanley grows up in an isolated world filled only with his parents and uncle. 

Taking Stanley from doctor to doctor, but to no avail the solutions are few and the results are nil. Not until his Uncle Jeff recreates his lab in the basement of his home, is there any real hope. With his original findings in the hands of the man he worked for at the University, Jeff has to work even harder to create a chip that when implanted in Stanley’s brain would control his mind and thoughts and hopefully live a more normal life. But, could her and will he have it time. Events change and an explosion happens killing both Jane and James leaving Jeff as the sole caregiver of Stanley, but for how long?

His uncle Jeff’s rival, his former boss, Dr. Warren has other plans for Stanley. In order to make sure that he controls what happens to him, he convinces the state to place him in his custody, without his uncle’s knowledge or letting him know his whereabouts. Frightened, confused and yet intrigued, Stanley meets Dr. Warren and enters into a whole new world. In order for Stanley to survive he enters a world of deceit, treachery and danger. Treating him like nothing more than a lab rat, he must learn to survive on his own and is implanted with many different chips that allow him control over his powers. Stanley is no ordinary young man and he manages the impossible and escapes and finds the only person who can right the wrongs that were done to him: Uncle Jeff his very own mad scientist who has created a chip that just might solve his problems and turn Stanley into the Chip his new alter-ego.

Sensing trouble in the universe in the form of a portal that allowed creature to fall through that were called subhumans, Stanley/the Chip solos in order to close the portal and prevent more of these creatures from falling through. But, can he?

Let us not forget the man who held him captive, Dr. Warren who has created his own chip and has now captured someone close to Stanley, implanting his own chip in her brain and calling her Virus.

What happens when these two meet you won’t believe. Who will come out the victor? What will be the fate of both Dr. Powell and Dr. Warren when the Chip meets Virus and they battle to become the ultimate superhero. The Chip in pursuit of ridding the world of terrorism and violence using his ESP and heighten senses to alert him of the dangers, and Virus programmed to destroy not only the Chip but anyone who would stand in her way to destroy him and more.

Author George Jack has created characters so clearly defined in their roles and definite personalities that the reader can’t wait to find out what is in store for the Chip and will he be able to neutralize Virus and conquer evil together? Will the author bring back all of the players in a sequel? This reviewer certainly hopes that there is more action, more battles, lots more dialogue between the good and bad and definitely more of The Chip.

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