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By Norm Goldman
Published on April 8, 2010

Over the years I have experimented with a variety of clip on book lights and I have to admit that choosing the right one to suit my needs has proven to be a difficult process. Recently, I came across the Beam N Read Lights and I thought, what the heck, lets give it a try.

In a way, they reminded me of the hands free head lamps that are used by fire fighters and rescue personnel; the difference being that the Beam N Read Lights are worn around the neck instead of on top of your head in order to illuminate your personal space. The lights easily turn on and off by flipping the reflector up and down.

ASF Lightware, the manufacturer of the Beam N Read Lights publicizes that they are quite versatile and can be used to provide light for a variety of purposes such as knitting, quilting, camping, hiking, changing diapers in the middle of the night, and other chores.

As a book reviewer, I was interested in finding out how helpful they would be for reading books and magazines. Due to my advancing age, I have joined the senior crowd with a weakening eyesight that requires that I use reading glasses. Would the Beam N Read Lights provide an extra boost?

My first discovery was that the Beam N Read Lights produces light through light emitting diodes or LEDS, rather than an incandescent bulb, making them cooler, more energy efficient and tougher.

Apparently, as I found out through researching the Internet, a LED light draws only 5-10% of the power of an equivalent light bulb, conserving batteries and saving money. The manufacturer of the Beam N Read Lights claims that their BNR LED 3 model with 3 bright LEDs last for 120 hours compared to the 20-40 hours advertised for book lights with similar light.  Batteries in their BNR LED 6 model with 6 LEDs last for 48 hours compared to 20 hours. Although it may cost a little more than the traditional lights, the money saved in batteries and bulbs will offset that added expense.

My next query was how effective was the product when it came to reading in bed. My wife is constantly nudging me asking when will I turn off my bed lamp, as she wants to sleep. I tried both the 6 and the 3 Beamer Lights while placing a book on my lap. While the 3 Beamer Light was fairly helpful, I definitely preferred the 6 Beamer Light, as the light illuminated the entire page. An added attraction is that the 6 Beamer Light comes with an attachable orange filter which converts the blue light to a softer white light. Incidentally, I have also used the Beamer Light while reading in my car and also sitting in my garden lounge chair during the early evening hours when natural light is not very strong. In both instances, the Beamer Light proved to be very very effective.

Satisfied that the Beamer Lights passed the test insofar as reading is concerned, I was wondering how helpful they would be for other tasks. Well it didn't take long to use them in another situation when I had to adjust my computer that is found beneath my desk. I am sure many of you have had the frustrating experience of trying to find a cable in the dark and then attempting to place it into the right outlet. Well lo and behold with my Beamer Light I was able to accomplish my task without cursing!

This past week-end my wife and I were off on a short trip and I decided to take along the Beam N Read Lights. They certainly came in very handy in reading maps, our address book and guidebooks.

The bottom line is that the Beam N Read Lights is a worthwhile investment and will prove its worth in a multitude of situations.

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