Author: Ivet Graham-Morgan
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4784-8

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A broken Christmas, a saddened child and a heartbroken grandmother are the elements of this touching story for beginning readers which shows that people are always more important than things.

This was a really enjoyable book.  Although the story occurs around Christmas, the lessons of the book are timeless.  Jordan lives in a multi-generational household, which is common in many cultures, but is making a comeback in today's economy.  Jordan, age 4, who lives with his mom and grandmother, but not his father, is invited to a holiday party at his mom's work.  He receives a really neat toy, and in opening the box, his grandmother accidentally breaks the toy.  Jordan is devastated, and his reaction is typical of most children.  What may not be typical is how he ultimately handles the situation. 

The illustrations are colorful, they add to the story, and the emotions on the faces of the people are realistic.  Unfortunately, the name of the illustrator isn't listed in the book, or I would give proper credit. 

I'm also partial to the fact that the author is a single parent, like myself (wink!), and writes a story in which the main character is a little boy growing up in a single parent household.  While she doesn't dwell on the topic, I did notice the absence of a father.  But that's okay.  I noticed simply because he wasn't mentioned; not because it was the focus on the story.

Coco's reaction (she's 4): My favorite part was when he apologized to his grandma.  He knew she was sad and he made her happy!  That's what made it a good book.

Lulu's reaction (she's 6):  I liked the picture of Santa Claus the best.  But when the grandma made a mistake, she was sorry.  You're supposed to say sorry, and she did.

Ivet Graham-Morgan has had fulfilling careers in education, banking and law enforcement; but she has always been a writer at heart. A single parent, she had to wait until her sunset years to find the luxury of free time to follow that path. Now, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, she has returned to her first love, writing. She especially enjoys writing stories for her grandchildren.

This is a definite book for the bookshelf.  We'll certainly bring the book out again during the holidays. 

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the marketer. I was not required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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