Author: Dianne Nelson

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-5197-5

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At the young age of four Breonna and her six-year-old sister are abandoned by their drug dependant mother and forced into the care of government agencies and a foster family. While not all foster care facilities come with horror stories Breonna and her sister were not so lucky.


No one knows the truth behind the ‘care’ in the home where Breonna has been placed until the author of “What About The Children?” comes into the picture when Breonna is only seven years old.


“What About The Children?” relays to the reader what is involved in becoming a foster parent through a private agency and at the same time dealing with the government agencies. Like all areas of life there are the good and the bad people. But Breonna was not only lost in the system but abused by that system.


Once this child felt safe and comfortable with her new foster mother, Dianne Nelson, she opened up and over a period of time the truth comes out. Subjected to abuse of all kinds imaginable Breonna is an emotional and psychological mess. Hording food and stealing are only two of the results of her treatment in the foster care system.


“What About The Children?” is not a pretty story. It is truth from the life experience of one small child. Dianne Nelson’s closing words say it all, “This book is an apology to all of the children who were abandoned by their biological families, abused by their foster parents, and provided mediocre services, at best, by some of the social services agencies that were supposed to protect them.”


For anyone who has a heart this book will most likely rip at your heart and turn your stomach. The press release for “What About The Children?” states, “Ms. Nelson’s book is essential reading for anyone who grew up in the foster care system, who participated in it as a caregiver, or who is considering becoming a foster care parent.”


This reviewer would have to add to that – anyone who cares about the innocence and safety of children. And, particularly parents (and I use the word loosely) who put their drug or other personal needs before the needs and safety of their children.

Click Here To Purchase What About The Children?: What's the Strategy to Prevent These Tragedies?