Author: Wayne D. Liebhard, M.D.
Publisher: Bascom Hill Publishing
ISBN: 10: 1-935098-20-9
ISBN: 13: 978-1-935098-20-1

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Elephants in The Exam Room is a powerful book. The author, Dr. Wayne Liebhard, picks apart the American health care system and shows why we are in a health care crisis and what needs to be done about it.

Liebhard’s main point is that the American health care system is not clearly defined. He explains empathically, that we have quality care, but the system in which the care is delivered is faulty; in fact, it’s crumbling right under our feet.

With government trying to take control, Liebhard warns against a government controlled health system that promises coverage for all. He focuses on Canada’s health care system where getting prompt medical attention within the system is problematic. And, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find medical care outside the “restrictive government system” even if the individual wants to spend his own money. Speaking as a middle-aged American with more than one serious health issue, this is a frightening scenario.

Elephants in The Exam Room addresses every issue related to our health care system, including:

1. “According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. ranks as the thirty-seventh healthiest nation in the world—this despite the fact that, on average, we spend twice as much per person on healthcare as other industrialized nations and consume one-third of the world’s prescription drugs.”

2. The insurance companies are creating guidelines and systems that doctors have to follow in order to get paid. Along with this, doctors have to work longer and longer hours to see enough patients just to make a living. Many physicians are leaving family practice, and the new generation of doctors aren’t filling the gaps.

3. In 2005, CEOs of insurance companies “took home eleven million dollars on average.” One executive mentioned took home $124 million in one year. Administrative costs are 40% of total health care spending.

4. Americans, as a group, want health care to be a right, meaning the government should provide for it. (They had better look at Canada or Briton’s system first, or even the government controlled Veterans medical facilities in the U.S.) And, it is estimated that 15% of those covered by a “universal health coverage” will not be legal American citizens.

5. “In a regular market, the consumer seeks a good or service and is informed of its full cost, and then determines whether he or she is willing to pay that price. In a co-pay world, there is a complete disconnect between cost and price reality.”

6. “[. . .] the top ten pharmaceutical companies make more than the rest of the Fortune 500 companies combined.”

While these are just some of the problems our health care system faces, there are many other issues discussed in Elephants in The Exam Room, and each one is thoroughly examined with a number of startling statistics.

What I found extraordinary about this book is that Liebhard not only candidly exposes the problems within America’s health care system, but he also offers realistic and practical solutions. I hope every American reads this book and voices their concern, even outrage, at what’s going on.

Click Here To Purchase Elephants in the Exam Room - The Big Picture Solution to Today's Health Care ''Crisis'' (revised)