Author:  Art Ortenberg
ISBN:  978-1-589794-94-8
Publisher:  Taylor Trade Publishing

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We all know the name, Liz Claiborne, the famous fashion designer mogul and owner of one of the world’s best companies, but rarely did we get a glimpse of the woman, until now.   This book is written by her long-time partner and husband, Art Ortenberg.  The book will give you an intimate look inside their lives together during their years of retirement until Liz’s passing in 2007.  The reader will get first hand information what Liz and Art accomplished after they retired from the design industry.  Many of the projects and the places they lived, may surprise you.

Only a very small portion of the book is dedicated to the years of working in the company.   If you are more than a little curious about her life after being a famous designer, this book may be just what you need.

Art continually refers to Liz’s spirit of never complaining no matter what her circumstances were, smiling her genuine smile and always keeping her sense of humor.  After reading this book, you will see that Art has taken the same tone of “no regrets” throughout the book.   He never complains or takes on a tone of complaining although when there is an illness, everyone suffers, in so many ways.  This book is a tribute to their life together, the commitment they had to each other and to their relationship.

Art says, “Consistent with her reaction to the first treatment….I was becoming an avid student with a major called “Liz.” What became a given is that Liz, whatever the circumstances were, however she felt, always put herself together beautifully.  Her smile was as enchanting, spontaneous and guileless as ever.”  Art shows that Liz was a proud but not pompous woman, determined yet not at the expense of others, focused but not selfish and always genuine.  Liz was happy and content with herself.

Liz took her passion for designing and teaching to the next level in her retirement.   She and Art branched out into projects located in the most unlikely places for people in the design business.  The investment in these projects became her work.  As with most endeavors, the need for continual focus and constant attention are time intensive.  All this helped Liz with her life changing events.

Art continually shows how Liz lived each day to the fullest, never taking things for granted or becoming anyone other than Liz.  Art continually shows how they were devoted to their relationship.  This book will take you through many emotions. You will cheer when good news arrives and your heart will sink when bad news comes… again.  You may feel yourself choke back the emotions when Art has to say goodbye to the love of his life, forever… although the legacy of Liz Claiborne lives on in his heart and the hearts of many others.

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