Author: Dianne Cantrell
Illustrator: Heather Castles
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-1933651620

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I had the opportunity to review Dianne's earlier book, Good Bye Baby Max, and when the author asked me whether I would be interested in reviewing the present book, I was very happy, because I liked that book and was thus looking forward to yet another good offering from this author.

I am glad to report that my optimism was quite justified. The book is colorfully illustrated and the story is simple but delightful. Riley, a small girl of about 5 years loses her first tooth. When she shares that news with her grandma, the pups in the house get worried and start searching for the lost tooth. A tooth fairy appears and assures them that it is a natural process and Riley will in fact get a regular, permanent tooth in its place.

The story is told in simple sentences and it would be a pleasure for the child to read or for the parents to read. One sample:

We must find her tooth.

She was here earlier today,

maybe she lost it

when we all went out to play.

One more excerpt:

"No, really,” she said,

“all children lose their teeth.

Permanent ones then grow in

if they don’t eat too many sweets.”

Thus, the book encourages children to develop good eating habits and helps parents get the message across. The illustrations indicate that Riley’s family is multi-racial and thus indirectly the book also helps in better acceptance and understanding of the differences between people of different nationalities, colors and cultures.

The book is well written and the illustrations are beautiful. The book will definitely appeal to all children (including children at heart like this reviewer) and their parents / grandparents / elder siblings and other care givers.

This book is strongly recommended as an educational gift. 

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