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Author: Kelley St. John

ISBN: 044661923X

Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

Author Kelley St. John is a former senior writer at NASA, which she says fueled her interest in writing action-packed suspense. She also enjoys writing quirky and steamy romances. She was elected to the Board of Directors for the Romance Writers of America and since 2000, has won over fifty writing awards including a two-time National Reader’s Choice Award. Other titles include: To Catch a Cheat, Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2, Good Girls Don’t, Kiss and Dwell, Ghosts and Roses, Shiver and Spice, Fire in the Blood, Bed on Arrival, and Live and Yearn. She resides in Louisiana.

Babette Robinson wasn’t so good with relationships, but she was darn good at helping other people with theirs. She starts her own match-mending business and deems herself The Love Doctor. She’s making quite the name for herself in Birmingham and soon attracts the attention of socialite Kitty Carelle, who hires Babette to mend her broken engagement to Jeff Eubanks…none other than her ex! When Jeff and Babette parted ways last year due to her inability to commit, they never expected the heat to still be there when they saw each other again. Jeff, having doubts that Babette has changed, issues her a challenge- Babette must abstain from any and all kinds of flirting for one week. If she succeeds, Jeff will talk to his ex-fiancé, Kitty, so Babette can maintain her thriving new business and keep her perfect record. But Babette is finding Jeff’s challenge harder than imagined, especially since he keeps throwing roadblocks in her way and the attraction she thought was squelched was in fact still steamier than ever. After one week will Babette still want to give up the man she threw away? And did he feel the same?

I think I enjoyed the secondary characters in this book as much as I enjoyed the two main ones. Rose and her clan from next door in the senior community were hilarious and downright lovable. The side story with Babette’s grandmother, Gert was delightful, as well. The setting was perfect and the plot flowed nicely. The author has a great eye for body language, which made the characters easy to relate to and believable. This is one of those feel-good kind of books that you should pick up when in need of a good escape and a good laugh. It’ll make you feel better- Trust me!

Flirting With Temptation, by Kelley St. John, is a sassy, mischievous, laugh-out-loud book…And not to be missed.

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