Author: Albert C. Bender
ISBN: 978-1-4327-3578-4

Publisher: Outskirts Press

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Bender has written a treatise on conquering the fear of Death that causes so many mental anguish and spiritual harm. Many have a fear of death and Bender attempts to guide them into a belief system that changes that fear into calmness. Resolving some issues about death and the afterlife is a very wonderful concept for this book.

Although the casual reader may not make the association since the book covers and the contents do not agree, Bender doesn’t leave it unclear once he begins writing. The subtitle, A Theological Alternative to Ones Own Religious Belief, seems to indicate that this is religious in nature. According to the publisher’s designation, this is Spirituality – Christian, indicating a Christian emphasis. From the introduction throughout the book, Bender argues that God is part of all and all is partial of God. And has a second book included that argues against an historical Jesus. The book deals with spirituality not religion as an answer to the fear of death.  

The reader will notice several things about this book and about the ideas presented here. First, there are a lot of questions asked and answered. This pedagogical method is great for the reader to follow the logic Bender is using. Second, he has several ideas that although not new, are presented from a different perspective then this reviewer has seen. He covers Cosmology, Theology and Rational thought in this explanation. This leads to some possible confusion, but with a little discernment and study the reasoning and the ideas are understandable. Bender is passionate about making a difference for people struggling with death and the prospect of their own demise. The primary premise is that the only time that exists is the right now, “Living in the Moment” as some would call it. He uses Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, the Bible and some unidentified sources to prove his point. It might convince some to rethink what they hold as religious tenets or the religions they were raised in. Bender could also use some research help footnoting his references and ensuring that they are quoted correctly.

There are several profound thoughts expressed by Bender. Bender ties up the end of the book by giving some practical common sense advice to living longer and better. Another benefit of the format is the inclusion of Bender’s other book, The JC Chronicles. With this he further accentuates the difference between myth and history about Jesus and the stories that were written to establish Christianity. This is an easier read and the reasoning and proofs are more sound then in the titled work. This would be a great book for those seeking a more Western based system for spirituality. It would be a good conversation starter with a small party of friends.

This book is recommended for anyone seeking an alternative to mainstream religion without going to Eastern concepts. Students of religion and philosophy will find it also interesting.

 Click Here To Purchase You Are Forever in Time: A Theological Alternative to Ones Own Religious Belief.