Author: Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 978-0-7112-3091-0

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What a great book How to Talk to Children About World Art by Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche is. Written with a keen understanding of the kinds of questions kids ask such as “What story does this picture tell?” this book offers world art knowledge in an entertaining question and answer format. Adults will enjoy learning about “primitive art” just as much as the children will.

Using full page color photos of indigenous art from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, the reader is provided with information on each piece based on questions a child is likely to ask. Reading this book is like having a private docent explain at your pace different fascinating art aspects.

For example, for a Nias ancestor figurine the question posed of the carved piece “What does all his jewelry mean?” is answered with:

The jewelry reveals how important this man was - as do the care with which this sculpture was clearly made and the highly polished finish it has been given. The adornments are similar to those worn by Nias nobles. Their headdress would be made of ferns attached to a band decorated with gems and would symbolize the cosmic tree, the tree of life.

According to Nias mythology the chief was originally one with this tree. The jewel in the right earlobe is a masculine symbol. In Nias only women wear earrings in both ears. The man is also wearing a necklace (the real one would be made of gold) and a bracelet (which would be stone or metal.)

The information throughout the book is presented in a way that makes adult and child apply that knowledge to other pieces of art. It is such a skill when an author can make knowledge entertaining and Glorieux-Desouche accomplishes that with style.

Filled with interesting and thought provoking information, the author does a great job of conveying knowledge about world art while making learning entertaining and fun. Primarily aimed at adults who will be teaching children, this book is well worth the read for anyone who enjoys world art and would like to learn more about the hows and whys of primitive designs.

 Isabelle Glorieux-Desouche is a well qualified guide. Glorieux-Desouche studied art history and ethnology at the Sorbonne and has 15 years experience in the World Art departments of The Louvre, The Dapper Museum, and the Branly Museum in Paris where she specializes in tours of the collections to small groups.

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